Random vomit
My new pup, Micah, is occasionally vomiting. He was eating dry food and would vomit the way a dog that eats too fast does. I started soaking his food and that pretty much put a stop to that, but he also vomits if his tummy is empty, darkish bile. He is still playful and we're not having any hydration issues, but because I'm worrying and he's so young, I took him to the vet today. She said he probably has a little puppy acid reflux, but that his intestines felt a little ropy which usually means irritable bowel. She took a fecal to check and soon came back to report that the fecal sample was 100% hair. Micah has been hanging off his new big brother's ruff non-stop to the point his gut is full of hair, now I have to separate the two of them enough to see if his irritated bowels settle down. Thoughts?
Gotta love 'em.
I have nothing...who would have thought??

Good luck!!
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Put an old tshirt on him? So Micah can't hold onto the hair? Might work... Better then keeping them apart all of the time Smile

Never heard of this before, although when Fergus was a pup his buddy Spud (beagle) who was a week older used to literally hang off of his hair! I've never seen another dog do it to such a degree, must be a puppy thing!!
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Gideon did the same thing when he was little so I assumed it was a border collie trait. He really expects Micah to play like that. He's a great big brother. I don't really have the heart to separate them except when it's kennel time, so I work at getting them interested in a game of tug or something. The acid suppressing med is working well and I've seen no signs of irritable bowel, no diarrhea or slimy stools, so I'm stressing less and pretty happy with his progress.
Gotta love 'em.

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