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(04-19-2012, 09:54 AM)Tassle Wrote: It was practice, but sometimes it helps to use a wall to stop the pup swinging too far out.

Ok thanks I'll keep going with it then Smile
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How did you manage to make the toy so desirable. I have tried many toys but she doesnt seem to be that interested!!
Tassle- I watched your initial video and actually got Cappuccino to do nose touches before playing tug. I haven't gotten him to maintain the nose touch just yet... I just started this week.

As far as the sit/stand/down, I'm having the problem that he won't maintain unless I say 'stay' and have him really focus on me. I probably need to start working on that for future training/play sessions.

Great videos!
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hi everyone...
ok so i got myself a gorgeous border pup.. her name is shayla and she is roughly 4mnths old. ive never owned a dog before let alone such an energetic and full on breed. i work on a dairy farm and did get her with the plan for her to help with the cows.she did come from a farm with a working mother... just a bit of background info for u.
i just need a bit of advice on whether i have a naughty, difficult puppy, if im doing things wrong or if its just too much to try to teach her! she knows sit and sits everytime she is asked, she doesnt respond to her name at all and very very rarely will come when called unless i am looking at her and have her undivided attention (how often do u think that is? lol) i am having trouble with biting.. i know this is a puppy thing but shes full on, she hangs off pants, chews fingers and even jumps at peoples faces.. i have tried flicking her on the nose but i dont want to do this as i dont want her to be timid or frightened to play.
i have had her with me on the bike, out with the cows and feeding calves.. but when she takes off or starts to explore the environment she will ot respond to me at all... i have even gotten in the car and started to drive away... she doesnt even turn around or pay any interest in me leaving.. i have to actually go pick her up and put her in the car. and alot of the time she will run.
i know she sounds like a little terror but i love my girl, im just a little worried im not doing things properly or that shes not going to be obediant enough to work the cattle. any advice would be appreciated Smile
I really wouldn't flick her on the nose for biting - that won't teach her not to do it. I really struggled with Keira when she was about the same age - always hanging off my trouser legs and biting my feet. The first thing to try is yelping when she bites (quite high pitched, the way a puppy yelps) if this makes her stop give her a chew toy straight away, that way you're showing her what she can chew and bite instead. If she's all over your ankles you can stand still and ignoring her until she stops - If this doesn't work (it didn't work for me, and I'm fairly patient) then simply pick her up (without interacting with her - don't talk to her, don't tell her off) and give her a time out in her crate (or a sectioned off area of the house. Time-outs are incredibly useful at this age - it's good for your stress levels, and teaches them to calm down when they are over-excited.

As for teaching her name, you could work on this quite easily for a couple of minutes 2-3 times a day. Say her name and treat. She'll soon learn her name equals yummy treats and will start looking to you when she hears it. You can also teach the 'look' (or 'look at me') command. Hold a treat (small cube of cheese is ideal) in between your eyes, and when she looks at it mark the behaviour (either with 'good girl' or a click if you're clicker training) and reward with the cheese. Gradually you can move this to a hand signal whereby you point to the spot between your eyes but don't hold cheese there. Finally, when she is responding to this well, you can introduce a command word 'look', say the word then do the hand signal then reward.

I wouldn't worry about her being highly distracted out of doors, at this stage it is a very distracting environment for her. Maybe put her on a long training line so she doesn't have the opportunity to ignore you or wander off.

Hope that helps a little, and good luck! Oh and I see you're not registered, would be great if you join the forum and share pics of your lovely little puppy Big Grin
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Oh and also, I found this playlist of videos on Youtube to be invaluable before I started puppy school training classes. They're really informative, and also Barto is super cute.

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i will try this.. thank you! i really didnt want to flick her on the nose, so this advice is good. ive tried the treat for her name, sometimes she will respond other times she will completely ignore me. i have only had her for a fort night so im not expecting miracles, i just dont want her to get into bad habbits. especially aiming her at being a work dog. im so brand new at all this its good to have some advice. Smile
and some pics of shayla <3

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Awww really cute puppy! Smile

Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of advice on here. There's a section where you can introduce yourself to everyone, and a picture section where you can share/look at pics and videos. Big Grin
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If she really likes to eat then don't give her meals in a dish for a while, say her name and give her a bit, do that several times, then say her name and wait for her to look to you before you give her a bit. When she knows her name and responds then move on to something else.
Gotta love 'em.

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