Classic problems....
Okay am working on the watch command...but have a few questions....i did the first few steps, getting if just to look at me..i did it with a treat and doesnt seem to be much of an issue she seems to stare right at me for twenty ish seconds questions are many days do i do this without saying anything and second isnt this staring at me going against the alpha male thing were she isnt supposed to stare at me...
Can i modify this by just holding the treat in my mouth?Wont that get her to understand it easier?
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She will pick it up very quickly....Collies are natural born starers!

With regards to how long, I would practise in several differnt places, (Kitchen/garden/park etc) and also with her in different positions around you (In front/left side/right side etc).

If you feel the need to put the food in your mouth thats fine, but I would imagine as long as you get the main distraction out of the way (your hands) she will continue to happily look at you...

With regards to the Alpha bit.....she will never see you as an Alpha dog as you are a person. She may see you as a leader, which is fine, teaching her to look at you is different to challenging her to a staring competition (would never suggest you do that) - the situation is different.

Does that help?
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YES it does ..thank you Smile
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Tassle i have a problem ...cut out the walks like everyone suggested,now we both seem to be bored......shes chewing up stuff and being a general trouble maker..i am consistantly saying to everything, biting , jumping,herding,chewing,attacking me when i am sleeping, tearing around the went from training a good dog to dealing with frustration...

So my problem is i went from a three hour a day training walking 15 min a day..what am i supposed to do with the rest of the time we share...she follows me everywhere and want to do stuff but what am supposed to do...
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Try giving her things to do with her Mouth - use Kongs to feed her the dinners and possibly Buster cubes.....I hope you have these things over there.....Kongs shouldn't be a problem...
Playing hide and seek with her toys is a good mental stimulater, also playing Tuggy, teaching her the chill out game. (Will find the link for you)

Humm.....This is a UK site.....but it shows you some of the things. Look at the food despensing toys, give her something to chew on as well. There are lots of things you can do with her to stimulate her mentally and help her as she starts to teeth. You have to give her an outlet for her frustration.
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Its probably been a bit hard for her to stop instantly, shes been bulding up since you've had her. If she was older I would say carry on with the walks but personally I wouldn't want to risk her joints.

Another exercise - this can be extended to other exercises as well....(Touch or Nose)

This exercise has a couple of benefits – 1) Teaching the dogs to use its nose rather than his mouth and 2) teaching the dog to focus away from a hand of food and focus on an empty hand. It can also be used to teach some more fun exercises by extending the exercise.

1. Standing in front of the dog, with food in one hand and the nothing in the other one.

2. Extend the empty hand towards the dog (keeping the hand with the food close to your body)

3. As the dog sniffs the empty hand mark with a GOOD and reward the dog from the other hand

4. Bring both hands back together and repeat the exercise.

Make sure you change hands so the dog starts to realise that it is the empty hand that is important as opposed to one specific (either left or right)

When the dog is offering the behaviour start to extend what you expect the dog to do. There are a few different ways to do this.

1. Ask the dog to touch once, then move your hand and ask the dog to repeat before receiving the reward
2. As the dog moves towards your hand move your hand further away from the dog, so the dog has to physically move to touch your hand.
3. Place something else in your hand and ask the dog to repeat the exercise.

Remember that the dog should NEVER be rewarded if it uses its mouth and only for touching with the nose.

A WRONG command can be useful – this is not a command telling the dog off, just a word that means this is the wrong thing, try something else.
The only mistakes my dogs make are the ones I've taught them!
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itooam1 Wrote:So my problem is i went from a three hour a day training walking 15 min a day..what am i supposed to do with the rest of the time we share...she follows me everywhere and want to do stuff but what am supposed to do...

Play with her! /laughing And I wouldn't cut the walks out completely, you can spread it out over the course of a day, say 15 minutes in the morning, another 15 mid day, 15-20 to end the day, if you have that time to squeeze them in. Do the game with a box that I listed in the other thread. Take a yummy piece of chicken, let her see it, and then put a box over it. See how she works out to get it out. The puzzle balls that dispense kibble slowly are great to keep them occupied for a good long time, you can serve one or both of her daily meals in them. You can encourage an interest in balls and frisbees by rolling them on the ground and praising her enthusiastically for getting it and bring it back to you. Play and tussle with her and teach her some bite inhibition now, it will serve you well later. And introducing crate training is a great way to get a break and teach her there's a time for playing and a time for chilling. When I first got Woobie he was a pain at times even though he'd had walks and training, a frozen Kong in his crate and he was a happy guy. She may also be teething if she's chewing alot (though, chewing is basically a puppy thing they all do). Woobie loved chewing frozen washcloths when he was teething (with supervision of course!) and they make canvas bones you can get wet and freeze that most dogs love to chomp on, especially in warm weather.

Puzzle Balls

Crate Training Puppy

Bite Inhibition
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These are the things we do in a single day..the total time i spend doind stuff with 'If ' is about 5 hours in total a day..
we play frisbee...i roll she chases.
We play soccer i kick she attacks ball.
We play regular ball(tennis ball fetch and bring it back.
We play with a wool mitt toss it around and a bit of tug o war...most of the time she just runs around with mitt and i chase her, when she does drops mitt i throw it again and the playing is on.
We train command throughout the day...sit at feedings, when she is jumping and generally being aggressive.
We do lay down ,
we do sit and stay.
we do come.
we do washroom commands.
we do down , When shes jumping
we do fetch.
some hide and seek (with my son)
We do heal at doorways .
We do stand.
we do watch(working on)I call it me instead of similair to walk command we have already.
we do wait and ok...stay and wait till i say ok.(similair to sit and stay but she sits or stands and doesnt move till i say okay.
We do play nice, gentle...not biting cat or people or bite softly
We do kisses.
We do drop it.
My son is working on under an over(on his own).
We are working on a release command(but not successfully)"let go."
We work on walk command...standing at streets to cross,walk to cross.
We work on "no" command

Her toys include, raw hide chews(several different kinds and sizes ..three different types of balls,pull toy(tennis ball and rope)kong,frisbee..tried to find puzzle thing but no one here new what i was talking about(canada)i give her ice cubes(with or without hot dogs.She has bones.She plays in the hose..i leave it running she attacks water(i do this so she isnt afraid of the sound of running water) i want her to swim eventually.

That covers about it...
All the things listed get worked on everyday alot threw play, some threw food, and some just straight training...but the training (15 min a day), lie down,sit stay come (combo)are the only training done specifically as training.

"IF" gets alot of time but there is still alot of time left in the day especailly on the weekend...since we dont walk anymore..that occupied two or three hours a day.
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I would proobably not leave her toys and chews down. Give them to her at special times. Training time can be more that 15 mins - a bit like walks - do a few training sessions through the day if you can.

Keep the fetch ball and football as really special and rotate the others. Toys are always more exciting when they are new.

I would only put the Hide chews down in settle times, to encourage her to chill and chew. You can even use something good down the edges if she is getting bored of them (pate/cream cheese).

The time that you were walking I would teach her to chill by offereing her a good bone or a hide chew on her bed.

I got the impression you leave her when you go to work?
What do you do with her during this time? (i.e, is she left or does she go with you?)
If she is left - where do you leave her?

All the games you play with her (frisbee/fooball/fetch) I would use those times to work on teh self control training and drop at a distance.
Self control = waiting till I tell you to go
Drop at a distance = pretending to throw and when she has done the outrun Telling her 'DOWN' and walking towards her as you say it - as soon as she responds throw the toy and allow her to run after it.

Remember any distance work you do - the dog should be rewarded at the distance you want it to stay (hence throwing the toy).
The only mistakes my dogs make are the ones I've taught them!
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Awesome suggestions tassle....kind of puts a whole new spin on things(never thought of keeping toys from her and using them as treats in a way)Or using her chews as quiet time although i must admit she is not that wild, she does lay down most days and has quiet time for herself.

I am not sure of how to teach 'Drop at a distance '

I do two things when i go to work...the first (when know one is home she goes into the bathroom and stays there .
When the kids are home(its summer here so the boy(son)takes care of her when i am at work....)he works on commands he want to teach her, like over and under stuff and couple more ..hes only 12 so they battle it out a bit.he plays ball and frisbee with her.
Although i have been working on teaching the boy to work single commands as appossed to rapid fire commands ...which he does,sit ,let go, down all at once....usually she is tugging at his clothes or jumping up on him.

when school is back in i was thinking of bringing her into work, there is a dog daycare across the street from the high rise i am building (i am a carpenter..i build skyscrapers,highrise apartments...that type of thing)
So i would bring her with me a few days a week and leave her at home a few days .

"if' has taken to barking at feeding times....i was somewhat fine with it to start but i feed her at 4:30 or 5am and its getting louder any ideas on how to curb that, i never encourage her barking.....i also heard when she does bark you use that time to associate barking command so when you dont want her barking you can say no barking that right?
I do understand why she barks she is excited.

Remember any distance work you do - the dog should be rewarded at the distance you want it to stay (hence throwing the toy).

not so sure what you mean here....
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Ok - distance work......

Any time you want a dog to do somthing away from you (i.e Down). You need to reward her where you want her to be, So, object of the exercise is the dog remaining in a down position at a distance away from you.

If you always reward the dog near you she will want to come back to you when ask her to do something - because this is where she is rewarded. So, to teach her to work at a distance you have to reward her at that distance, the only way I know of doing that is to throw the reward (gosh - this is difficult to explain!)

I have just decided I am going to video this and try and explain it that way! Can't do it today though as Its miserabe weather!!

With regard to barking at dinner....Yep the barking command can work - but its harder to teach the stop barking than it is to teach the 'bark' one normally!! I would teach her to do something else sit/lie on bed.
The only mistakes my dogs make are the ones I've taught them!
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