(02-14-2018, 01:34 PM)Sunny Wrote: Gotta beware those fast-moving snowmobilers, though ... and look out for ice fishing holes, you do NOT want to fall in!

(I have never lived in Wisconsin, but my master was born and raised there, doncha know)


I don’t work during the workday prime quiet time. Can hear them coming for miles. I grew up riding. 
This snowmobile tailing is not is me going through parents property going under twenty miles per hour. He only followed me. Had no interest in my kids riding by. He doesn’t like to let me out of site. I might not come back ya know. I don’t leave the shoreline to prevent getting disoriented and lost. The fishing holes are way way far out.
I have friends that think I am nuts? There is twenty possibly more inches of ice...
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