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I'm looking for your input here. The number of active members has declined over the past year. I have been giving thought to closing ABC because of this. 

With that said nothing would happen until our domain name expires in June. 

What do you all think about setting up a Facebook group? It could be a closed group so we wouldn't get a bunch of unwanted trolls/spammers. 
How many of you would join a Facebook group? How many wouldn't? Can you give your reason for or against?

If you are interesting in keeping ABC as it is can you tell me why. There are also options to sell the forum to strangers. Not knowing what direction it would take once it was sold I'm not sure that is an option for me. Selling or turning it over to a member could be an option as well. 

Everything is up in the air yet and no decisions have been made. I would like your feedback before deciding anything. 
I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say.

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I like this forum, I probably don't post as much, but then I feel people would get bored of my photos if I post all the time. I'm not sure if I would post more often in a facebook group, I'm already on lots of groups on facebook, I suppose it's easier to post photos as you don't have to upload them to photobucket first.
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I would be fine with a FB group. Frankly, with how crazy life is right now, it might be easier for me. I love our group, so don't want it to disappear, but our core has shrunk a great deal.
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Its sad that it has come to this but yes, I would be in favor of a Facebook group as well for a couple of reasons. One, its not fair for Linda to cover the financial burden of ABC alone. Two. Facebook is easier to upload pictures for us technologically challenged people and, lets face it, most everyone (to include ABC members who haven't posted in ages) already have an account. Who knows? Maybe our shrinking group would actually grow back to what it used to be. Three (and this is purely selfish) I don't want to loose touch with you people! 
If an existing member wants to take over, that's fine but Linda, whatever you decide to do, (and I think Brandon would agree) please don't sell ABC to a stranger!
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I personally copy and paste my status's from Facebook to here, so I double up almost every time I post. I agree that Facebook would definitely be easier. From the technical standpoint it is less to manage too - you are taking the software element out of it and only have to manage the people. While it's totally doable to maintain the software and I don't mind doing it, you guys have witnessed first hand that it doesn't always go as planned. I personally think we would get more out of a Facebook group.

But I am also like Greg - I really don't want to lose the contact of the people here. Ember's history is also here, but I have most of that (what was videoed anyway) in Youtube and Facebook combined.
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I think what I enjoy most about the forum is the sense of community the format avails and supports. I also do not want to lose contact with you guys and for this reason I would join and support a FB page. While I prefer the forum I also didn't realise until this thread prompted me to investigate, how much is involved in running a forum and I agree that it is not fair for one person to be responsible for the financial and administrative burden of running a forum when the effort is not adequately reciprocated by members.
Thank you for the forum I have so enjoyed and learned so much from and I will understand whichever decision is made and fully support any new direction ABC takes.
I don't mind Facebook. I enjoy the ease of it. However if it does come to that I just want it put out there I do not friend people on a personal level. I follow groups and trainers. I do PM. I honestly have a problem with Facebook's lack of options for privacy as for recommending friends and groups. It is quite a public place. You can't do much on there without being asked to look at this group or this person. I think life would be easier for all involved doing the move though. 

I just hope that the people that have been with it for a while and are not as frequently here are able to locate the group where ever it is.

Selling to someone else.....This was a close friends of some of you that started it. Their  baby and project.....isn't there a way to create a memorial out of it somehow. Along with any other lost members into some sort of cyber time capsule or scrapbook? Or a physical one to make copies of if internet version is not possible. Something anything that says hey this was here?
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KBB, if we do go with a Facebook group you wouldn't have to "friend" anyone. Only join the group. It would be a closed group so anything posted in the group would only be seen by the members of the group. 

With this forum, if I saw anything in pics or posts that could be used against someone I told the member and made them aware. We don't always see the little things in pics that others do. I have done my best to keep all members of ABC safe through the years and would continue to do so in a Facebook group. 

So far it seems as though going the way of Facebook would be OK. Still some things to think about. I have some people to talk to about using our ABC name on Facebook too. Brandon started a Facebook group and the name is still open in his account. It would be nice to continue with the same name if we go that way. 

I appreciate your input on this subject. Any other thoughts?

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I haven't been with this group too long so it's hard for me to say much, but I can easily go with a Facebook page. Though it would be a shame to loose this forum. I find it easier to find good info on a forum then on Facebook.
FB does have a way of storing files for group use. Several groups I am in make extensive use of this function. They also offer a search function.
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