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Hi all Skye has taken a fancy to my daughters cuddly toys , in fact she has now found herself banned from her bed room for being a sex pest , I’m thinking it might be her trying to establish herself as top dog  she’s upspayed last Season was November she’s almost 2 never displayed any such behaviour before not being aggressive or anything she just wants the new teddy to “play” with as always any advice greatly appreciated 

Ps happy new year everyone 
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It's not a top dog thing. Check her private parts for irritation - it could be an itch or burn that is being relieved. It could also be arousal if that room is a huge play area. And some dogs just do it because it feels good, in which case maintenance (ie banning from the room) is the solution. But a check to the vet to make sure she doesn't have the onset of an infection would rule out the former. I think UTIs can also cause this behavior but I might be wrong there. Basically anything that can be relieved with the motion like an itch or a burn would cause it.
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Some dogs, male and female, hump objects or even just air hump for a few different reasons. 

Anxiety, excitement, over tired, her age being not  spayed, irritation, etc. It is easy to stop as most unwanted behaviors. Redirect her attention. Keeping her out of the room works but she also might find other objects not in the room.

I have a friend who's female Border Collie humps a certain bear every night before bed. She is tired and needs to release some extra energy before she can go to sleep. It has become a habit now and it only lasts a few seconds and she is ready for bed. 

There's a lot of info out there about the subject. Check it out and see what might work for you.

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I also don't think it is a "top dog" thing at all and also agree that it is most likely of emotional origin be that anxiety, excitement / arousal.
I love that OB raised the point in respect to how quickly this simply becomes a learned and gratifying behaviour. Yep distract and redirect, teach her the behaviour you want instead and reward heavily. (reward for Max is high positive praise) Max who is now 2 1/2 still does this occasionally towards Jasper and it is definitely not a top dog thing with them. We have reached that point whereby I can simply say "Max, knock it off" and he knows exactly what I am referring to. Haha, that is unless Jasper tells him to knock it off first.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours also .

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