Cognitively slow?

posting from phone. Apologies in advance. 

We are going back to the vet on Friday for x-rays. Our current Fenzi instructor made several observations that I’m planning to ask about. I would like some ideas from brees enthusiasts and proper questions I should ask. 

This video is our latest shaping homework. I had to ask the instructor about the distraction at the cone that caused her to miss the click. Instructor also noted delayed reactions and more. 

Quote:Christina, have you had her thyroid function checked? Something about the cheerful but low-key work, slow response time, that odd distractibility in the middle of getting a click. It makes me think about thyroid

August 14th we had a full blood work panel done and it came back normal for thyroid. What questions should I be asking?
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There was definitely something wrong with one of my dogs but we didn't know what and were checking everything at the time.

It had been suggested to have the thyroid checked.

Results came back with no red flags. The dog continued to have other things checked and it was suggested she have another thyroid check done. Long story short I was told one check is not all telling. I did some research and finally called the lab. I was told that it can take up to 3 different thyroid checks to get accurate results. 

After doing another check the results came back completely different than the first. We ultimately had 3 checks done on her.

This was in 2009 so I'm not sure how testing has change since then. Just saying because a test comes back clear and there is still something wrong with the dog it might be worth a second look. 

I hope you can find out what is going on with Miss Ember.

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Thanks. The instructor gave some sound advise too including "low normal" is not normal. I know it seems like lately I'm just looking for things to be wrong, but this is an outsider who's been working with us for 3 weeks now that brought it up without prompting, so I think it's worth revisiting. We've been doing this exact exercise for 2 of those 3 weeks and she still seems so unsure about it.

I will ask Smile

Do you know if there is anything ELSE that might cause similar symptoms, just in case?
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I have a dysfunctional thyroid and although most of the time it is under active and I take daily medication it has on several occasions functioned normally or indeed for a period become over active. It would seem that the thyroid function can swing from one extreme to the other in some cases. I fully support OB's suggestion to have at least 3 tests.

A change in my natural thyroid hormone production or a change in my medication dose takes approx 6 weeks to show in tests and also my symptoms. On two occasions when my thyroid has suddenly started to work yet I have been continuing with my usual medication, I have not realised it until I notice my hair falling out and/or heart palpitations. This is contradictory to my doctors advice that when taking thyroid hormone replacement the thyroid automatically adjusts by not producing as much hormone.

It's a bugger about the hair loss and palpitations because OMG I sure get hyperactive and achieve a lot when there is too much thyroxin in my system LOL
Thyroid is affected by diet, exercise, amount of time in the sunlight, and a whole host of other things. I have no guesses about what might be going on with Ember, but I sure hope you get something figured out.
Gotta love 'em.

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