A friend's new puppy.
I went to pick up my daughter from her violin lesson today and the teacher told me they had just got a puppy.  An adorable female Border Collie, German Shepherd, Pit Bull mix.  The family wasn't looking to get a puppy but someone came by the house with three puppies and the children (seven, ages preschool to high school) fell in love and Dad gave in.  They are a really lovely family and Mom said that the children have been helping out and getting up early to play with the puppy before school and playing with the puppy again after school.  I don't think they have ever had a dog and I really want to help them.  I said my daughter would be happy to come over and help with training and that we could bring Tasha to their home to play with the puppy.  I suggested that anything they don't want the puppy to do as an adult dog, don't let it do now and once the puppy has had its shots to expose it to friendly dogs. 

I like to give a nice Christmas gift to my daughter's music teachers so this year it will be puppy focused.  What would you suggest to help this family with their puppy?  I was going to suggest Kikopup on YouTube for some good training videos.  Toys?  Books?  The teacher said they had a puppy book but she didn't know which one and her oldest was working from that. 

This is really the nicest family.  I know they can succeed with this puppy but they will need help.
Fenzi does gift certificates, and they have puppy courses. Some toys are a good idea. Blanket for the winter, maybe a treat recipe book. Things that are hands on are always fun in my opinion.
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That is an interesting mix carrying many potential traits that mixed together may or may not fit well together. Bearing this in mind along with it being their first dog I think a gift certificate for training would be great. Toys etc are perhaps more fun and cute in the moment but with 7 children who will most likely enjoy the pleasure of buying little gifts, I am sure pup will not go without such things. Helping them get started on raising a happy and stable dog is a gift that lasts a very long time.
Since they have all those wonderful trainers(kids) in the house, how about a book about trick training.
Gotta love 'em.
My owners found this to be VERY helpful:

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