Hello form Maya, River, Kane and Yvonne
Hi everyone my name is Yvonne and I have three dogs plus a household of other animals. We live on the West (wet) Coast of British Columbia.
Maya is my five year female black tri BC, River my 6 month old red tri BC and Kane my two year old German Shepard cross (OK, my husband owns then all too).

I don't do much with Maya besides continuous obedience. She loves her hikes, plus I can get her to jump or climb on just about anything, and playing ball, she will fetch for hours. She also loves chasing waves. I have done some training of agility with her and will practice now and then but no competing as she will double back to me if she gets too far ahead. I tried scent work with her to engage her brain but she wont work more then twenty feet away from me and she would get bored of searching, so I can only practice with her for about ten minutes tops.

River is going through obedience right now and hopefully soon will get into scent training. I'm hoping to train him for our city's dog group search and rescue. Even if we can not get certified they still let people come and train. I will probably also get him into agility. Of course right now he is on rest as he decided to strain his front leg.

Kane is the playmate to both and the unofficial guard dog for the property. I mean we do have bears, cougars, bobcats, and the mean flower eating deer to guard the household against.

River, Maya, and Kane


River and Maya
Welcome! Such a cute trio of pups!
Tailwag  HELLO AND WELCOME  Tailwag
Action-smiley-030 Hello and welcome to ABC! You've got some beautiful dogs.
Welcome-group That's a great looking bunch you have.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Welcome! River is about the same age as me, how is her obedience training going?

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

(10-02-2017, 05:49 AM)Sunny Wrote: Welcome! River is about the same age as me, how is her obedience training going?


River (is male, I know the name makes him sound female) is doing well in obedience. His recall from the yard can be iffy (yard is fully fenced) but out on hikes and walks he recall is great. It helps to have an older fully trained BC to show him what to do.
Oops I did not notice the "him" when you were talking about him in your first post Blush . So far I am only obedient when there are treats involved Dodgy  but there are plans for me to go through a formal training program soon. He is lucky to have a big sister to show him the way.

Hi and welcome! What a nice looking group you have there!
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Hi and welcome!
Gotta love 'em.

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