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Do you have a favorite photo of your collies?  Not a trick question!  You can choose a few.  Here is one I love of my girls.


Tasha loves to chase the ball and Mattie loves to chase Tasha.   I love to watch them run.
Goodness, I don't know if I have just one favorite photo of Kep. I just went to take a look through some of the (thousands of) photos I have of Kep on my phone and I could probably find more pics I that I would consider my favourite but I think I'll refrain myself from making this post too big. Tongue

[Image: 20160818_053309_zpsiqhjwb2e.jpg]
(Sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park)
[Image: 20161020_091156_zpsh1muc1uc.jpg]
(Kep putting up a tough guy face while in front of the pretty leafs)
[Image: 2017-08-26%2013.27.29_zpsphfhzfgb.jpg]
(Looking like a stuffed animal)
[Image: 20170827_163307_zps021fj9m4.jpg]
(Doggie family photo Big Grin)

While making this post I also remembered this photo:
[Image: 20160406_091152_zpso3pgl72z.jpg]
It was the first time I got him to sit without a treat! Big Grin
Great pic of your girls btw! They both look so happy running in the field!
Great photos!  The sunrise photo is stunning and Kep was so cute as a puppy!

Mattie getting to know my mom's cat.

Not the best photo of Mattie but I thought it was funny. 

Two of Tasha.  We were at Pet Expo. doing agility demonstrations and there was a fly ball team also doing demonstrations.  After the demo. for $2 you could try fly ball with your dog.  We were waiting for our turn and Tasha was really impatient.  She kept pawing at the curtain and whining.  This is the look I got when I told her to be patient and wait her turn.

Being patient isn't one of Tasha's qualities so she turned and looked at my daughter to find out if what I said was true.
What!? Be patient? How could you ever expect Tasha to do such a thing as wait?!

All your photos are so precious! Heart
A Tasha baby photo.

This was the day we brought her home.  It was an eight hour drive for Tasha.  Thankfully, we got to meet half way but it was a holiday weekend and traffic was horrible and took twice as long as usual so I guess we wore out the pup.

I love the doggie family photo. Kep's expression looks like, "Shhhh, they don't know they are not border collies!"
Some of my favourites
[Image: IMG_3235_edited-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0443_edited-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4003.jpg]

[Image: IMG_5774_edited-1.jpg]
[Image: 922e7bce-ce23-427a-94d6-5cf3b6563f6b.jpg]
Lovely photos! Your dogs are the most amazing colours! My agility instructor has two grey and white border collies and I love their unusual coat.
(09-22-2017, 07:23 PM)Tasha Wrote: Lovely photos!  Your dogs are the most amazing colours!  My agility instructor has two grey and white border collies and I love their unusual coat.

In Australia that colour you call grey is called Blue which is a mutated black gene. Jasper is a blue but is also a tri so there is the allusion that it is different to other blues. Next to his brother who is a blue and white (no tri) the colour looks the same but in photo's they look quite different. Jaspers Blue/white brother is a working dog on a cattle property.
Post photos! I would love to see your dogs. Tasha came from a cattle ranch. Her dad has earned a bunch of awards at trials. I think Mattie is also from working lines since here in the USA smooth coat collies are rare.

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