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(09-22-2017, 08:42 PM)Tasha Wrote: Post photos!  I would love to see your dogs.  Tasha came from a cattle ranch.  Her dad has earned a bunch of awards at trials.  I think Mattie is also from working lines since here in the USA smooth coat collies are rare.

Two photo's are of Jaspers brother Arrow doing his thing at just 12 months of age with cattle, he is a straight Blue/white. 2 dogs from the litter went to working roles, the other is a female and she works with sheep but I don't have photo's of her.  One photo is my Jasper,  Blue/white Tri. He doesn't have a "real" job, he just thinks he does. Also a photo of what Blues look like when born, this is Jassypants at one day old.

Some blues stay lighter than others, some go slate grey and others I have seen are almost black and the difference isn't that notable until next to a Black/white dog.

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Great idea for a thread and some gorgeous photos posted Smile

Here's my favourites:

Bron as a pup
[Image: 28824802045_104d0770e7.jpg]

Those eyes!
[Image: 33112072440_5bc1924887.jpg]

In her element
[Image: 36601465420_8681eaa596.jpg]

Our new baby Mabli
[Image: 36389726004_6342ac1377.jpg]
Trifan, Jasper is stunning! I love a tri-colour! And that baby photo is amazing! The ranch where Tasha was born holds clinics a couple of times a year and I would love to take her and she if she had any herding ability. I admit cattle scare me a bit, they are so big!

Baby Bronwen is so cute! And I love that photo of her all wet and standing on the log "Best day ever!". Mabli is so sweet, I am looking forward to seeing her grow up.
In the puppy pile Max is the Blue Merle at top/right, his breeder gave us this photo. These are some of my favourite baby photo's but the last one is when we took Max to meet Jasper a week before we picked Jasper up. Max absolutely adores puppies, he is so gentle and accomodating with them.

BRONWEN I particularly like the last photo of Mabli. Such a cute and cheeky look on her face.

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Here are some of my owners' favorite baby photos.

At the breeder:

First day home:
I still like playing with my snake, it makes a squeak when I shake it vigorously, and it is fun to play keep away and tug with too.

A quick nap after a good game of tug with the towel (I still like that game too!)

Exploring my yard - nowadays we play Frisbee and other games out there.

Of course I am a Big Girl now, but my owners still like to look at my baby photos Smile

I will work on favorites, but right now I'm running from one place to the next and sort of want to jump on the baby wagon.

Well, sort of. I was looking at pictures from when I first got Ember until now and realize I think I did happen to nab her when she was at the very end of that lanky phase. Not sure if it was that or nutritional, but you can definitely see the difference!

Second day I met her:
[Image: IMG_20151023_195334_01.jpg]

1 month after that, first week home:
[Image: Copy-of-IMG_20151201_200914-1.jpg]

1 month after bringing her home, 2+ since meeting her (I STILL cry when I see this one, their reaction is absolutely hilarious, I don't think it will ever NOT be funny):
[Image: DSC_0261.jpg]

Last week(ish, it's all a blur):
[Image: IMG_1575.jpg]

FAVORITES to come, though that Santa one is right up there...
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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(09-22-2017, 07:58 PM)Trifan Wrote:
(09-22-2017, 07:23 PM)Tasha Wrote: Lovely photos!  Your dogs are the most amazing colours!  My agility instructor has two grey and white border collies and I love their unusual coat.

In Australia that colour you call grey is called Blue which is a mutated black gene. Jasper is a blue but is also a tri so there is the allusion that it is different to other blues. Next to his brother who is a blue and white (no tri) the colour looks the same but in photo's they look quite different. Jaspers Blue/white brother is a working dog on a cattle property.

Yes, Skye and Tayen are blue and white, Star is lilac and white.
[Image: 922e7bce-ce23-427a-94d6-5cf3b6563f6b.jpg]
That photo of Ember with Santa is priceless! I wonder what she was thinking? I find it amazing the difference between the first photo and the last. She looks so unsure and scared in the first photo and the last photo doesn't look scared at all but looks a bit impatient. You have made great progress with her.
I'm really bad when it comes to coat colours. Sunny is so pretty! What would her coat colour be called?
(10-01-2017, 07:34 PM)Tasha Wrote: I'm really bad when it comes to coat colours.  Sunny is so pretty!  What would her coat colour be called?

She looks to be an ee (double e) red. Sometimes referred to as Aussie red or wheaten but ee red is correct term. There are 3 of them in that puppy pile photo that is Max's litter.

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