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Funny that the subject of going through things draw by draw, cupboard by cupboard should come up. I have reached a pretty minimalist state in my house but have come to a situation that will test me. Having built our own home their were some things that just never got done, one of them being a proper pantry. We have been using an old kitchen dresser for a pantry. Well I have recently installed a much better kitchen pantry and the old dresser is out. These 4 drawers belong to the dresser and all have been used as "that" kitchen drawer where all sorts of nonsense that might one day be useful, gets put. The thing is that nothing has ever been found useful yet and the drawers have just been getting fuller and fuller. The old dresser is gone to the garage but here sit the drawers for 3 days now and I haven't even looked through them because I don't know if I want to. Question is, do I look through or am I brave enough to just up end them into the garbage bin without even looking at the stuff I have clearly managed without for longer than I can remember ?

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I couldn't put them in the garbage without looking through them first. The day would come that I was looking for that one item and I would wonder if it was in the drawer that I dumped without looking through. 

I'm not one to keep too much that hasn't been used for a while but I will admit there have been times I wished I had somethings back. Getting rid of something with the mindset that I haven't used it for this long then the day comes you could really use it and no longer have it.  Blush

I usually go through things twice a year, spring and fall. I always have a box in the closet to place items to take to a local clothes/food pantry. I fill it up about 3 times a year. 

My husbands solution for the piles of excess are to build another shed to house it. We did that earlier this summer and haven't gone through the older shed yet to toss what we can. I'm sure once it is cleaned out he will see we didn't need the second shed, just a clearing of junk.  Wink

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Trifan, I had a couple of boxes in my garage that were like your kitchen drawers.  I only gave myself a few minutes to through each one.  I got rid of 90% of the stuff.  I decided if I don't know what something is and I haven't needed it in the past five years I doubt I will ever have any use for the item.   Big Grin  We built our home too and the architect that designed the house gave me tons of closets.  As the children grew I got out of the habit of getting rid of things on a regular basis because there was plenty of storage space.  So a kid would come home from University with all their bed linens and I would carefully wash and store all of it without realizing that there was a really good chance we would never use any of it. 

Only-borders, we have a huge shed and 95% of what is out there belongs to my husband.  I'm just waiting a few more weeks for the temperatures to cool down and I'm planning to take a weekend to clean it out.  The biggest challenge to that project will be convincing my husband it needs to be done!
I don't know if I will ever attain minimalism, but I figure the journey is the important part, not the destination. And I have one of those drawers in every single room in my house, including all the closets and bathrooms, and some of them aren't drawers, like the top of the dog crates.

I work on sorting the clutter for 15 minutes a day and sorting the hot spots(places where you put down everything that you don't know where it goes or are going to put away later) for 2 minutes. That way I don't get overwhelmed by the totality of the project and quit. Though, yesterday I was choosing some books to take to donate to the library for a fund raiser and I worked for more like 45 minutes. Some day, my bookshelves will only be single deep and all the books will be in their space instead of on top of six other books. That may mean I need six more book shelves, but I'm ok with that.
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Books are a huge issue for me. I have six bookcases crammed with books. A couple of years ago I made a goal that there would be no double stacked shelves and I achieved that goal. My youngest is in high school and in three years will graduate and then I will be able to get rid of a ton of homeschool supplies. In the past I have emailed my oldest with photos of books to find out if they were important to her (she lives in England). I think we finally got all the children's books down to everyone's favorites.

Even if I never achieve minimalist status getting rid of the extra stuff had really helped. I'm finding it easier to keep the house clean and I have quite a few areas in the house that are easy to keep tidy since all the extra stuff is gone.
I'm cleaning out homeschool stuff this year. My youngest is a senior in high school and I only have to keep stuff for a couple years or until she graduates. Old science equipment, maps, textbooks, and a bunch of other books(yeah, they are a huge issue for me too) and stuff are going.

I'm finding the same, all the extra junk made it hard to clean the house. I had the family over yesterday for dinner. It took me about 20 minutes to do all the cleaning I needed to do, instead of hours and hours. It's really easy for me to be more organized now too.
Gotta love 'em.

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