Wild fires
This has been an incredibly hot summer, we have spent most if it over 35 degrees,  we have not had any rain for months.  This is prairie it is a tinderbox.
Interior British Columbia has so many large out of control fires, I live in south east Alberta just over an hour to the US Border,  Montana is burning, Oregon is burning.   The beautiful Watertown National park has an out of control fire.   Our air quality is so poor.  Both sides of the border have states of emergency.
Late last night I let  the dogs out to potty. My eyes and throat were stinging and I could see the ash in the air.  I scanned for a glow, this was surely a new fire that was closer.  Sure enough a fire is out of control just 40mins north of here.
My greatest fear is a fire is going to start flip direction an and immediate evacuation order is given, this means if I am not home I cannot go home to get my dogs.
It looks like rain is actually forecasted for the end of the week, whether comes and whether it is enough  I don't know. 
Right now raining England looks enticing.
Oh man! Stay safe! That would be so scary! I haven't been that close to a wild fire, I can't imagine Sad
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What a scary situation! Yikes Hopefully that rain comes and prevents the fire from coming too close to you.
Praying you get rain soon.

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Very scary situation, hope you get rain really soon.
That is frightening, be safe! My family was far enough from the fires in Oregon to be safe but close enough to have to stay inside for a few days because of the smoke.
We had a wildfire come close to our house a few years ago. In the middle of the night, the firefighters went door to door and told us to pack up and be ready at a moments notice to leave. We packed bags for us with next to nothing in them and then hooked up the truck and trailer and put crates wherever we could find to put them, brought the sheep and goats up to the barn and figured out exactly where each animal was going to go in which order and then practiced it so they wouldn't fight it when it was time. Then we waited, afraid to try to go back to sleep. The fire turned when it was 0.6 miles from our house and they got it under control the next day, Thank God.
Gotta love 'em.
That is scary GM
Last year, a huge wildfire changed direction due to wind. A large town was immediately evacuated. Kids pulled out of school put into school buses. People had to leave work and drive. If you weren't home you could not return. So many pets left. Once the fire passed through many organizations and spca went door to door, trying to recover any pet they could find. These were shipped to a large town hall. We collected many dogs cats supplies , food crates leashes and sent them to a CFL Depot which had arranged to deliver them.
I lost sleep over this, I just couldn't imagine the horror.
We had some idiots that left their dogs tied to trees or in crates outside for the hurricane. There was unprecedented flooding over almost the entire state, so if animal control didn't go around finding them and picking them up, they could drown tied to a tree or in a crate, not to mention what could hit them or whether or not trees would fall on them. I shiver to think...
Gotta love 'em.

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