Last Minute Vacation
We took a last minute vacation to visit family before school started.  We stayed with family in a lovely home on 20 acres. 




I think my girls thought we had gone to Disneyland!  They loved running in the field every morning. 

The happiest place on earth!
Everyone looks like they had a great time! Which one is which again? I wanna say Mattie is the one in pink? Looks like she's outgrowing her older sister if so (unless I'm completely wrong there)! How fun that you got to have off leash time on so much land!
[Image: e5Qmm5.png]

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You are correct! Mattie is in pink on the left and Tasha is on the right in blue. Mattie is just slightly bigger 34lbs to Tasha's 30lbs. The field is surrounded by trees and blackberry bushes so a natural fence and they loved getting the chance to run free.
That looks great, they just love to run don't they !
Beautiful, if they got to run off leash you know they had a good vacation.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Love that last pic and the daft Collie grins on their faces. Glad you all had a good time Smile
(08-18-2017, 07:30 AM)Bronwen Wrote: Love that last pic and the daft Collie grins on their faces.  Glad you all had a good time Smile

Daft is the perfect description!   Tongue   I was so happy to get a photo of both of them looking at the camera, they don't cooperate for photos often.
I love happy puppy pictures!
Gotta love 'em.
Looks like they had a great time! And what a nice place to run around off leash!
I'm thankful I don't have hunting/bird dogs. There were hundreds of birds and we startled a few deer in the early morning. Tasha and Mattie watched the deer race into the woods and then went back to sniffing in the grass.

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