Fenzi August 2017 Session
Who's taking FDSA courses this time around? I know @"Quirkydog" is, I am. Anyone else jump into a class?

Ember and I missed out on Gold in Hidden Potential, which we desperately needed. We got stuck in bronze. And already I'm slipping on it, due to time constraints (I've looked at the website 1 day this week).

But then again, this week I also ended up picking up Gold in Love the One (and playing catch up). I'm not the brightest, am I? But with the parent's having a move in date of this week, and nothing hitching as of today, I think I can make it all work surprisingly well!

Love the One is on connecting with dogs you feel blocked by. And while I can fully recognize Ember's love and devotion, and mine for her, I do not feel that working bond needed to be a true team. I feel more like a teacher and entertainer, and not a team member with her. So Denise sent me to this course. We'll see how it goes! It's very little work for the dog - a lot more of writing out and feeling searching for the human, as well as training planning techniques.

Hidden Potential is for dogs that shut down easily in training (and honestly life). It helps you tailor training to soft dogs in a way that helps them choose to stay in the game as opposed to feeling forced to complete a task.

A prerequisite for this course was The Whole Picture and I had purchased it a few weeks before the session start to read through. That was a very good course on building emotional stability (where we began really learning about decompression walks, for instance), and I am still practicing and sorting through it.
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A lot of courses, lol. Good choices I think. Enjoy
I signed up for Team Sports Foundations - Level One at the bronze level. I just got back from a two week vacation so I haven't looked at any of the lectures yet.
None this time around but maybe next time. Except life will be getting busy then so idk we'll see...
I am looking at the Whole Picture in December, it is about canine enrichment

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