Solar Eclipse
For everyone in the US you've probably all heard that there's going to be a total solar eclipse in two weeks. The path of totality will be from Oregon to South Carolina ("cough cough* @Ember *cough*) and will be 70 miles wide (I think I got the right.) So a path 2500+ miles long and 70 miles wide. Of course if you're outside the path of totality you'll still be able to see it but just not the full thing. When a total solar eclipse happens the moon covers the entire visible sun exposing the sun's corona (the outer most layer of the sun) which can only be seen during a total solar eclipse. I'll probably be watching some live stream of it somewhere. I've never seen a solar eclipse before so I for one am excited about it (maybe a little too much so...) To bad I won't be able to see the whole thing in person though although the next full solar eclipse in be in 2024 and will go through New York and Maine. Here to hoping nothing gets in the way. Tongue Only time can tell though.

After this solar eclipse and the one in 2024 the next total solar eclipse to come into the US will be in 2033 but only in Alaska. After that the next one will 2044 but it will only go into Montana and North Dakota with the rest being in Canada. And finally the next total Solar eclipse to fully go through the continental US will be in 2045 with a similar path to the one in a few weeks but only further south.

And for those of you in Europe and Australia you'll have to wait for the late 2020's for a full solar eclipse to come near your area. For Europe there will be a total solar eclipse in 2026 but only fully visible in Spain. And in Australia there will be a total eclipse in 2028 going through the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales (I think I got all that right...) 

Anyways, total solar eclipse here in the US in two weeks and I'm rather excited (maybe a little too much so Tongue) Oh and if you're interested here's a video on why total solar eclipses are so rare.

I found this that shows the path the eclipse will take through the US.

Also remember to take precautions and don't look directly at the eclipse. You can read more about how to view the eclipse in the link.

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Oh yes, thank for that OB! Big Grin It's especially dangerous because the moon being in front of the sun makes it dimmer so it's easier to look right at it but just because it's dimmer doesn't mean it's safer. Even looking the tiniest sliver of exposed sun can give you permanent damage and it only take a few seconds to do so. Stay safe everyone! Smile
It is actually coming STRAIGHT over top of us. If I had stayed in Myrtle Beach it wouldn't have been a total eclipse for us (2 hours north of where I am now). My brother and his new wife are coming down to stay and see it.
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That's got to be exciting! Enjoy the eclipse! Big Grin
My brother in CA is flying somewhere with a bunch of his pilot friends to see it. We are supposed to get only 60%, but there are all kinds of people passing around a computer generated visual that shows us getting 100%. I keep trying to educate, but no one is listening.
Gotta love 'em.
That's got to be annoying. I guess they'll learn their lesson in two weeks although it will be too late by then. I'm interested in how dark it will get here with only getting like 60%.
I hope the weather stays nice for a good viewing. The last time I got excited about an eclipse we were at Ularu (used to be called Ayres Rock) and thought we would have a great view of the Luna Eclipse because we were in the desert with no light pollution. There was totally unseasonal rain with such heavy clouds we couldn't see a thing. Oh well !
That stinks. I hate it when weather gets in the way of a weather dependent event. Hopefully it won't be cloudy/rainy the day of.
I was in Portland, Oregon for the solar eclipse on 26 February 1979.  School was scheduled late so the students wouldn't be on their way to school when the eclipse happened.  There was complete cloud cover that day so no worries about damaging eyesight.  I remember standing just outside our front door and it was daytime and then slowly went to dusk and then completely dark and then slowly back to daytime like the sun came back up again.  It was amazing!  So don't be upset if it is cloudy, it is still a wonderful event.

A few years ago we had a solar eclipse but that time it didn't get dark.  We own a welding helmet so everyone took turns to watch the eclipse.

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