Vet Frustration - am I wrong?
I think that's a great plan. At leat with some tests you can go through the process of elimination and put your mind at ease. I also need to know things. I can accept "whatever" but I can't accept unanswered questions. If something isn't right, I need to know why whether it can be fixed or not.

I really hope you strike a good note with this vet. Communication and trust is so important. Even when answers can't be found it matters that your chosen professional at least cares about it.
We need to have a very good relationship with our vet.
Find one that you can work with and trust. Sometimes it takes a while.
I feel vets are getting a bad rep, there is almost an anti vet thing going on with social media.
The vets have incredible amount of difficult training on them.
However are there bad vets absolutely
Are there good vets that don't "suit" you absolutely
I search for a vet I trust and meets my needs, ie I like everything explained to me. I need a vet that will not be offended if I question something or voice any concerns regarding treatment. .
Other people might like a vet who "takes control". It gives them confidence. And find my type of vet too soft and lac confidence.
Decide what you want for a vet and go find it.
Yea. I need one who will listen to me, and talk me through everything. I agree there, Quirky. I know they have rough jobs and "see all kinds". Considering I've been recommended to that first vet 2 more times since trying them out seems to mean that on average their customers have very high regards for them. They (or at least, the 1 vet who was neither of the vets I requested) just don't suit me. If I had gotten one of my requested vets we may be having a completely different conversation.
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Three things stuck out with me. 1) I would never go back to that vet and I might let them know why. 2) Your description of Embers issues was me. I'm hypothyroid and you listed the symptoms of hypothyroid. Has she been checked? 3) Metronidazole is for microorganisms in the stool and she should have actually been diagnosed for something before they even offered ANY antibiotics. This vet is part of the problem with antibiotics no longer working because they are over prescribed and wrongly used.

The only other things I've got is that you need to feed less dry food than you do of raw because it is concentrated- next to no water instead of 80% water. And the constipation/diarrhea cycle is usually helped by adding fiber to the diet.
Gotta love 'em.

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