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Yesterday I booked Jasper in for neutering. I had wanted to leave it for a little longer as he is only twelve months old but it has been playing on my mind and I thought I should listen to my gut and get on with it before problems arise. He is bilateral cryptorchid so twice the chance of problems. Had he not been cryptorchid I might not have done it at all because we are well set up for managing intact dogs. 

I admit I am stressed about it because I don't want him to suffer the discomfort and on a superficial level I don't want him to be shaved on the belly from one end to the other like my GSD was for one testicle. Jeez, that took 3 incisions to find just one. I just hope that wherever Jaspers testicles are, they are in the same vicinity. Our vet does have ultrasound equipment of course but apparently they often can't be located with this anyway.

Haha, the first problem is going to be not getting his breakfast at the usual time of 4.30am. He has to be in at the clinic by 8.30am next Monday (31st) so perhaps we will need to do a long early morning hike to keep his mind off missing breakfast.
I hate it when they go missing. Twice we had dogs that we eventually located one testicle up by the kidney. Those are a pain, but most are easily found at least close to the correct location. Poor Jasper! But all will be well again in no time.
Gotta love 'em.
That sounds.... hard. Tongue

Seriously though, good luck! It will be a short season Big Grin Poor little boy though, has no clue the violation that is coming to him...
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Yes GM that is what I am worried about (being high up near kidneys.) Particularly because he is bilateral. I mean, how far along their journey did they (not) get for both of them not to reach their destination. As you will no doubt know the development and journey of the testicles is quite complex. Until I had a cryptorchid dog I thought the female organs were far more complex than the males but not so at all.

Lightening really can strike the same place twice, neither my GSD's parents or Jaspers had produced cryptorchids before. In my GSD's litter all males were effected and the breeder quickly decided to never repeat that particular mating, it was the Dam's first litter and she went on to produce normal male pups with another Sire. In Jaspers litter he is the only one. Mum is an experienced breeding dog and is mum to my older boy. Dad is an experienced stud dog and neither have ever produced crypts previously. This was a first mating of these two particular dogs and likely to be the last. Such a shame as they are both of amazing temperament. It does seem to be genetically related to a particular mating.
Poor guy. Hope it all goes well for him.

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Sounds awful. Hope there aren't any complications and it all goes by fast. Fingers crossed for you and Jasper on Monday.
We always felt it was genetic. And I agree, I always thought male anatomy was more straight forward until I learned that both male and female reproductive organs form up by the kidneys and then have to travel to their correct positions. Probably one of the reasons I am a believer. I don't think that humans and animals could be so complicated by accident. That entropy versus order thing.
Gotta love 'em.
My poor little man had his surgery this morning. They were able to palpate the right testicle and incise appropriately to remove it but the left one couldn't be found. They did a second incision on the abdomen to try and locate it, searching from kidneys to inguinal canal but nothing. Couldn't even find the cord that is usually attached to pull it to the scrotum.
I asked if it is possible that it was simply never there but my vet said he had never come across it. He is going to talk with the specialist centre in respect to Jasper later having an endoscopy to try and locate it. Problem is that "if" it is still there somewhere and can't be found it can turn into a tumour due to being in a body temp it was not designed to be in.
Vet said he will be very inflamed because of moving the intestines around so much but I can pick him up at 3.30pm. The aesthetic was longer than they preferred and so they just had to stop the search. He apparently came out of it OK.

I'm just in tears over it, my poor little man, all this trauma but still not safe going into the future.
Aww that's terrible. Sending warm thoughts and prayers that it can all be resolved soon and with a good outcome...
(07-30-2017, 10:48 PM)Loyal Border Wrote: Aww that's terrible. Sending warm thoughts and prayers that it can all be resolved soon and with a good outcome...

Thanks LB. He's a bit of a mess, ended up with 3 incisions and they seem very distressing for him. He's just laying down beside us and whimpering. He's injuring himself with the cone edge trying to get at them so I just used a fabric tape all around the edge just in case. Ideally I'm just going to have to not let him out of my sight so I'll bring a mattress down and sleep beside him. I'm a light sleeper so I will hear if that cone touches his crate.

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