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He's doing really well now, too well actually and even though I have been keeping them confined to the house Jasper has been inclined to be far more vigorous with activity than perhaps he should be so I have to be constantly attentive to Max and Jaspers activity. He really struggles with the cone in the crate, getting stuck on wires and not seeming to be able to find a comfortable position. I have stayed downstairs on a mattress and have been letting him sleep with me or on the chair beside me, he swaps from one to the other through the night.
There has been an interesting side effect of this extra special one on one time and also perhaps because of the degree of comforting he needed on the first few nights. Max has always been the centre of Jaspers world and getting focus from him when Max is around has been something we have constantly worked on. I have always felt it was important for Jasper to learn to be independent from Max and to also listen to us rather than following Max's cues. It's something we have tried so hard to work with yet really not made enough headway.
There has been a huge shift in Jaspers focus, he is no longer on the alert for what Max is up to but instead focussed on his humans and content to not be Max's shadow. If Max left a room or area it was really hard to get Jasper to not keep glancing and worrying about where Max is. Now Max can leave and when I ask Jasper to stay, he does so with relaxed obedience and contentment. He is suddenly in a more equal place with Max, instead of hanging on Max's every movement his focus has totally shifted to his humans holding much higher value.
With Jasper needing to stay fairly confined within the house so has Max except for a walk after my partner gets home. Can't leave Jasper unsupervised because he manages to fold himself in half, get a leg in the cone and get at his woulds.Same when wearing his pants, can't be trusted to not try and chew wounds through the shirt. It has been exhausting keeping him under constant supervision.
Of course with 2 young dogs confined to the house when they are not accustomed to that, there has needed to be a lot of enrichment activities so the boys have been a full time job really. I could think of worse things but by the same token there's not a lot of other work getting done.
The t-shirt didn't work for Gideon very well. He had it off in 5 seconds if I ever left the room. Micah, on the other hand, was super easy. Isn't amazing how they are all so different and yet so alike. When does he get the stitches out?
Gotta love 'em.
Dissolvable sutures were used so no need for removal. the only problem with the dissolvable is that there is an end that is visible and if they get hold of that they can pull the whole thing open, otherwise I rather like not having to get the stitches out later. We just have to keep him off the wounds for 10 days which will be up on Thursday next week.
I had to add kind of braces to the t-shirt to stop him from getting out of it. He's so agile and very slim so he finds his way down the front of the t-shirt if not constantly watched. I'm just using it now for a break from the cone under supervision because he can chew at the wounds through the t-shirt. When it's all said and done the cone is the safest option, he just gets so frustrated at it. The t-shirt was great in the first few days when he had so much discomfort, he really calmed down. Poor little things have no idea what is going on so I guess just removal one discomfort or frustration helped.
I don't think I like the dissolving sutures that have been used on Jasper, perhaps there is too much going on at the sub-dermal level. Today is day nine and he is still obsessed with getting to the wounds, one in particular in the left groin. All wounds are hard and a little lumpy but the left groin is worse than I would like it to be. Last night he was quite distressed with it after going to bed. Whimpering in frustration as he turned himself inside out to lick at it. He grazes inner thigh and belly with the cone, not to mention the wound itself.
OB: I used the coconut oil as you suggested. Ended up with him on his back getting a gentle massage of his whole abdomen including wounds and he absolutely loved it. It made so much difference and he went off to bed in much more comfort.
It doesn't bother him all the time but when it does it seems intense. The cone can come off in two more days but I'm not feeling sure about that with the intensity of the licking he wants to do.
By the same token, if the wounds are properly healed, is a degree of licking necessarily a bad thing in respect to stimulating circulation and helping heal the proud flesh (lumpiness) along the wounds ?
I'm wondering if one of the internal sutures might be festering up to push it out rather than dissolve. I've seen this happen with human internal stitches.
He must have been neutered the same time as Flynn
He also has dissolvable stitches. Flynn is 4 however he was not crypt.
All was going fine untill day 6, I guess they got itchy. He started obsessively licking, looks like he open a stitch. He then wore a cone.
Sorry going to be graphic the stitches were on the shaft,so I guess they must have "fished out" his testicles.
I don t remember that when my GSD was neutered however that was 20 years ago.
They pretty much always do them that way now. Testicles pop right out and the dog is less likely to have their scrotal pouch fill with blood or swell to a ridiculous degree.

A lot of dogs develop irritation with the dissolvable sutures before they finally dissolve. And letting your dog be too active while they are still there can pull at the surrounding tissues and cause irritation.
Gotta love 'em.
Jasper is booked in to the specialist centre next Monday. Consultation an 9.30am and he's on the afternoon surgery list. The specialist told my vet that the sooner the better before scar tissue forms too much. Poor little guy will be without the cone for just a few days and then off we go again. I really hate putting him through this and hope I am making the right decision to go ahead with the search for the missing gonad.
Of course his health insurance won't pay because they consider it as a preventative procedure. They will cover him if I do nothing and he ends up with cancer and needs surgery and chemo, go figure ?
Good luck
You will be glad when it is done, poor guy
Good luck indeed. Definitely feel for you and Jasper. It will all be over soon!
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We will be holding thumbs come Monday that all goes well.

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