Fireworks rant
With all the talk year after year on social media, newspapers, radio and TV about how fireworks affect our veterans, animals and other people why is the practice of firework displays still going on? 

It is always said to be mindful of your neighbors not knowing who could be a vet with PTSD and animals who are fearful. That's fine and I understand there will always be the people who care only about themselves and do what they want. 
BUT my biggest gripe is each and every community across the US lights off fireworks year after year, after the all the talk about be respectful to others. Generally where they light of the fireworks is in the middle of a residential area in a park type area. 
The sounds of fireworks can travel miles so where is the respect for the people in the community who don't like fireworks? 

Most fireworks are illegal so how can they be sold in the first place? I know people in our area sign a waiver saying they won't light them off in certain areas, right. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against having a good time but not at someone's expense. I believe it all comes down to money. From the people who make the fireworks to the communities who light them off. 

I hate seeing any dogs suffer from fears and I know many people who suffer much worse. I wish there was a way it could be calmed down to help the humans and animals to be able to deal with it better. 
I think you get my point. I could go on but I'll leave it there.  Rantoff

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Fireworks in the hands of the general public is a distance memory for us as they have been banned for literally 50 years in all states of Australia. Only in the Northern Territory are they still legal but I am not sure what the rules are in respect to their use. Each capital city will engage the services of professional pyrotechnic-ions once per year (New Year) for a single event and some regional shire councils will do the same for those living outside cities but it is one location providing for all suburbs within that shire. Date and time is quite specific so the few who may be effected have plenty of time to organise alternatives for animals or themselves. Some cities also have a second event, such as Brisbane has the River Festival but it is in the city with barges along the river and far from residential areas.
I hear about this same problem in the UK and I just can't believe that it still goes on. It wasn't banned for our animals or veterans in particular but instead for the fire risks and unacceptable incidence of personal injury. I mean back when it was banned PTSD was not even a word we were familiar with but if it had been it would have just supported the decision further.
I really feel for you in the U.S. and the U.K. it must be horrendous for humans and animals alike.
It is terrible here. I am thankful that in my neighborhood everyone is respectful and fireworks are only set off on July 4th and New Year's Eve. Anyone can go to the reservation and purchase fireworks and many are as loud and as big as the fireworks set off at the community displays. There are traffic jams on the interstate on the 4th to get to the reservation store and they post extra security to handle the crowds. People will wait in line for two hours to purchase fireworks.

Our local display is close enough to my home to terrify Tasha. I'm thinking of taking a long drive with Tasha on the 4th to get her away from the noise.
It seems as if we have people selling fireworks at every corner. 

We live in the middle of nowhere and I feel that because we live so far out people believe they can do whatever they want. 
Last night it was a matter of people trespassing and lighting off fireworks on our land. I hope they didn't really think we wouldn't notice them there. The loud bangs and booms gave them away.  Huh

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The 4th of July has always been my favorite Holiday. I've always loved watching / photographing the fireworks display our city puts on, and its a big one. They light them off in the bay about 5 miles away but being on the shore of Lake Superior, the sound really carries and our three kids don't like them at all. For that reason, we haven't gone to see them in years but rather stay at home, inside, with the TV blaring doing what we can to distract them until its over. 

Rantoff Fireworks are legal here in Minnesota. There are stands that pop up all over starting in mid June. You can even buy them in the grocery store and they're not cheap! We must have some pretty wealthy and very patriotic people in our neighborhood because its the same fools who, every year start "celebrating" the last week of June and don't stop until about July 10th.
Every night, for the past couple nights, our kids are reduced to quivering puddles and it will continue up untill the climax on the 4th then it will gradually taper off until everyone has fired everything they have. 
You can ask people to be respectful, remind them to be respectful, even walk your dogs past their house during the day wearing a Police Department t shirt and giving them "the look" but if they're just jerks, there's nothing (legally) you can do to deny them their right to "celebrate" as they wish. Unless of course one lands on my roof and starts my house on fire.Then were gonna have a little chat.  Ranton
Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dogs think I am.
Greg some fireworks are legal here as well. If they leave the ground they are not legal. 

If they were legal and causing Obi to go crazy, I would bite my tongue and say nothing. But the fact is they are not legal and nothing is ever done about it.
I enjoy seeing all the pretty colors and displays myself. When the communities do it one night you can plan for it. It's all the other yahoos who make it bad for everyone. 

Last night when the people who trespassed and lit off their fireworks Obi just about jumped out a 2nd story window. I grabbed his tail to stop him. If I had known someone was there ready to start in with the fireworks I would have had Obi contained. 
Tonight he goes in his crate at dark.

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Awww man that's terrible! Do you have property lines or a fence that says they willingly trespassed (as opposed to just not realizing it was owned)? Not that that really matters.

Yea the fireworks started early here too.
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Firework have got to be be legal in some state for people to purchase them but then they'll illegally bring them across state borders. From what I understand most of it comes down to the difference in state laws with some states being stricter than others. I'm not sure what the laws are here in CT regarding fireworks but I do know that people say the ones you can buy here are lame. (My guess is our laws are similar to yours in WI) I know the people around here will go to PA or NH to get the big ones and I'm willing to bet some may go even further.

In this neighborhood the people that do blow off fireworks do it on their own property (as far as I know anyway) and the fireworks they get won't go above the treetops. I think the trees also do a great job at damping the sound making them sound about as loud as a distant gunshot. So fireworks aren't really that big of a problem here. Kep isn't noise sensitive though so I might not be the best to say. So in short I probably have no idea.

As for the people trespassing, can't you find them and tell them to get off your property?
Our land is posted and they knew it was not public land. 

We did want to go and confront them in the dark last night. No way of knowing if they had guns and nothing stopping them from aiming the fireworks at us. 
We did flash a couple of very bright lights their way and I think they got the hint because it all stopped quickly. We did look at the area this morning and found a mess of cans and fireworks. Seems they made a quick exit. They drove off our land and into someone elses woods. 
The next time we see the owner of the woods we will ask if they had guests. 

Fred put some big posts, with signs, in the path they made with their vehicles. I don't think they will be back tonight.

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Here's to hoping. Fingers crossed for you!

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