He thinks he is clever.
With winter arriving I thought I would buy the boys some nice crate cover to help retain the warmth. Jasper can't have bedding because he eats it, Max seems to have gotten over that habit as he has matured.
Ever since I put the covers on Jasper has started a new trick. When I ask them to go to their crates or go to bed Jasper jumps on top of the crate every single time. It is definitely not because of a dislike for the covers being on as Jasper actually loves being in nooks and under things. I think he just has a new perception of the crates having a more solid top so, well why not go on top. As you can see he has been up and down on the new covers with dirty feet. LOL

No, he hasn't lost an ear, they just always turn inside out.

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I think he likes the view from up there.  Big Grin

Have you ever tried stacking the crates?

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Well you obviously put it there so he could have a second floor to sleep on. Tongue It looks like he likes his new found personal space.

Trifan, I understand your ear dilemma. They're just floppy enough bounce around like crazy but firm enough to stay in weird positions, which is usually inside out. Not sure if you have the same problem but some people think it's funny and will turn Kep's ears inside out just for the laughs of how he looks. I will admit though, it is rather funny.
Yay bunk beds!
Great pic
Too funny
May when she was younger did agility and would occasionally run along the top of the tunnel. I have no idea why, it would just happen.
(06-10-2017, 05:23 AM)only-borders Wrote: I think he likes the view from up there.  Big Grin

Have you ever tried stacking the crates?

Yes we have thought about stacking them. We can fit three nicely but one day when my friend was speculating on how many dogs I could have my partner replies, "well we can't fit anymore crates so that's that". My friend said, "you can always go Condo style".  Hmmm, that's a thought !

LB. No, I have the opposite particularly with our eldest son who just can't handle seeing his ears inside out. He will either call him to him or even walk down the yard to fix it, saying, "Jassy, mate, fix your ears, it can't feel right". I think you could be right about him liking his own little personal space. It's the only place in the house that isn't shared by Max (except for actually being inside their own crates) and he even goes up there for no particular reason and just chills.
He sure seems to like the increase in his real estate. Tongue And it must be nice that he has someone always looking out for him when his ears flip.
Jasper is too cute!  He looks very proud of himself. 

Tasha has ears that turn inside out and it drives me crazy!  I'm always walking up to her or calling her to me to fix her ears.  I just know if my kid and my pup do something amazing there will be a photo of the event and one or both of Tasha's ears will be inside out...just to drive me crazy for the rest of my life!
Gideon's breeder used to always say that they had their party hats on when their ears were inside out.

I always put the clean unused bedding on top of the crates and have had a few over the years that liked to hop up there. They were the same ones that get up on the back of chairs and the couch or hop up on the roof of the car or climb trees. Weird dogs.
Gotta love 'em.
Party "PARTY HATS"  I love it ! Yes, he is a weirdo with the other strange places he puts himself. They each have stretcher beds on the verandah but Jasper prefers to crawl under them instead of on them. He squeezes between the desk and the wall even though he has to stand on his nose during the complicated procedure of going in front ways, turning around by pushing the wall with all four feet and the desk with his back. The nose on the ground is for balance. He is so weird.

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