How is the Weather?
I'm assuming everyone's weather is an improvement over winter since it seems to have been really quiet around here lately.   Big Grin   Just in case you think you want to live in the desert it is 11:30pm  and the temp. is 91F/33C.  Our low will be at 6am at 74F/23C.  Guess I'll be getting up early to get to the park before it gets too hot.  Thankfully, my family live up north in the US and we are planning a visit this summer so we will be out of the heat for a couple of weeks.  Happy summer, everyone!  Cool
We live "up north" in the US and it is going to be VERY hot here starting Sat and going through Wed next week. Our normal temp for this time of year is about 72 F/22 C. We have been above that for the past week with highs around 88 F/31C. 

Usually we only get a few weeks of really hot temps with high humidity at the end of July or into Aug. It's being predicted that we could get into the mid 90's F/35 C with heat index up to and over 100 F/37 C  starting Sat. 
I'm sure you have heard that it's not the heat that is so bad but the humidity. It's true. 

It was only two weeks ago that we were still burning wood to keep warm. It will be an interesting next few days.

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The weather here actually hasn't been too nice lately with cold rain and being in the 50s-60s (10-20 C) It's supposed to start clearing up now though and get kinda nice being in the 70s today and tomorrow. But then it's supposed to get hot and in the 90s. Blink I've been busy over the past few weeks and didn't pay too much attention to the weather but now I have a sudden increase in free time so I'll be paying more attention to plan long hikes through the woods. Big Grin

TMM your weather sounds hard to deal with. I'm not sure if I could withstand the heat from the desert.

Enjoy your summer too!  Cocktail
Your weather sounds very much like ours here, but you probably don't have humidity so I bet it feels very different. My first week in Charleston was in the 90s F every day (I think one day hit about 97 F), but was very clear and we even got a pool day in.

This week has been absolutely nothing but rain and in the 80s F. It's nasty. Animals aren't happy. Everyones a little stir crazy and just very bleh.

But its made for some good "getting settled" time lol.
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I'm spoiled because our winters are so nice.  I love being able to take the dogs out anytime during the day.  It has been over 100F for the past few days and won't cool down again until September.  Unless it rains our humidity will be low until late August and then we always get few weeks where the humidity gets high.  I lived in the Midwest for a few years and the summers were brutal not from the temperature but from the humidity.
Our rainy season hit with a vingence it has rained for the last 11 days. Today is poset to start 4 or 5 dry days and I am excited it may dry enough for us to work in the yard. Every time we let Jolie out se comes in a muddy mess so we are looking forwards toa dry spell to repair the damage she did to our gardens out of boredom,
It's the beginning of winter for us down under. I am not good at all with the cold and often wish I could just be like a bear and go into hibernation until it is all over.
Trifan, my sister lives in Australia and I can't tell you how many times I think she has dressed my nephew in a really odd outfit before I remember our seasons are opposite!

I am horrible with cold weather and have become worse living in a warm climate. When we lived in the Midwest it was freezing in the winter. My daughter was in Kindergarten and 1st grade and they would send the children outside to play if the windchill was above 20F/-7C. I would dress her in a coat, hat, mittens, and snow overalls to send her to school. In the winter I kept the garbage can in the garage so I didn't have to go outside to take out the trash. I once had someone ask me if my garage smelled bad and I told them it was colder in the garage then in my freezer so things were too cold to stink.
Just out of curiosity, how cold does it get down in Australia Trifan?
(06-07-2017, 05:48 PM)Loyal Border Wrote: Just out of curiosity, how cold does it get down in Australia Trifan?

I think the temp variations are not dissimilar to the US except upside down. Our coldest (southern states) don't get anywhere near as cold as your northern states. It snows for only a short period in all the eastern states from the island of Tasmania, up through Victoria, up again through NSW and even into the southern end of Queensland which is considered tropical and sub tropical, go figure LOL. We only have 6 states and 2 territories.
Over all of the states the temps can reach the high 40'sC/120F+ with the highest recorded being 50.7c/123.3 and go down to -14.6c/5.7F. In my state the highest recorded was 49.5c/121.1F and the lowest was -10.6/12.9F. As a general rule in my area the summers hover either side of 30c and peak at 43c. The humidity is the killer and it gets up in the high 90's. Winter hovers throughout the average day between 16c and 21c with nights and morning getting down to -7c/19.4F. It's not that cold by your standards or European standards but we are generally ill prepared for it because we are so accustomed to heat. Winter arrived almost overnight about 10 days ago and I hate it, jeez only a few weeks ago I was wearing a sarong and sweating.

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