We are heart worm FREE!!!!
Just got back from the vets for final checkups. Had a LOT of good come out of it!

First and foremost, I had Ember retested for heart worms (she was due it in July anyway). We were talking, and the vet looked over. She was going over all Ember's stats and saying how everything look/sounded "amazing", "and of course heart worm negative, so..."

And I said "Wait, what?! Negative?"

She gave me this look and started flipping through her charts, asking why I thought she had been positive (same vet that really wanted me to go ahead with the fast kill treatment - not that that is a bad thing I just didn't realize she wouldn't remember that). As I was explaining she found all the notes on the heart worms and treatments to date (one cycle of pills and heart guard).

So yea - we waited an extra 15 minutes to be sure the test was actually finished running. It's negative! I can start exercising her fear-free of hurting her!

Other good things of note:

Ember has held her 37.5 lbs this entire time. So our diet is working very very well for us! 

I am officially taking her off the raw pellets for a while. This time they did not sit well with her and she has been getting constipated the last few times I've done it with very rock-like poops, so we are just going to go with the fresh rolls on rotation. I hate to stay with the same brand, but it works and I add enough extras to her food to balance it out, I hope.
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5210 Great news! Yahoo Glad all is well with her.
Raw constipates Angel too, so I have to deal with trying to find the right balance for her too. Right now, I have her on a freeze dried food called Macanna by Grandma Lucy. Knock on wood, she seems to be doing well on it. She also does well with Preference by the Honest Kitchen and most of the other THK lines.
Gotta love 'em.
Cheer That's great news for Ember.  Cheer

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