New member, new Pup! Zygy's Diary
Zyggy is so handsome!  And your cats are stunning!  I would love to have a Bengal but we have two kitties and my husband is at his limit.   Big Grin
Thanks everyone.. It has been a learning experience for us both. Not only because he is a different type of dog than I am used to but we are using the positive training techniques which means no choke collars which was so popular many years ago. I also had all female dogs before and he is a lot more goofy.

I'm trying to expose him to as many different things as I can to hopefully end up with a confident well rounded dog. I do the same things with my cats... Bring them on short car rides on the leash to sit out on a patio for ice cream or bring them to the pet store. Makes it easier to handle them and they really enjoy it too.. Just have to get them started young.

The last ice cream run my cat akira and zyggy came and I went inside for a second... Came out and both were both buddied up hanging out like they owned the world.

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