Help with paws.
Poor Loki keeps damaging his paws,it's usually his carpel pads,so we got some carpel pads protectors for when we are doing anything that involves skidding to a stop and turning fast as that's when he usually does it.but this time he's damaged the main pads on both front there anyway to toughen up his pads a bit I think I probably need to do more pavement work as most of the stuff we do is on soft grass,sand and hiking trails but is there anything else we can try.

This is what he's  done this time,and I've had to bandage him to stop him licking and make it more comfortable for him to walk.        
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Oh poor guy. That is very painful for them. Luckily they heal quickly. 

Pax did he pads on both front paws last week. After he got back to walking normal, couple of days, when we went out to play I put his boots on him. Only did it a few days just until those spots healed up well. Our grass isn't fully in yet so skidding on sandy soil cuts the pads quickly.

Pavement walking to toughen them up may or may not help. Some dogs just have softer pads. You might want to check out some boots to save his paws. This is the kind we use.  I'm sure you can find them cheaper if you look around. Just using it for the info.

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I have this same issue with Tasha.  She tends to hurt her pads at agility class on the rubber mats that are the floor of the building. 

Here is what her paw looks like.  I cut away the excess skin with manicure scissors and apply Neosporin (antibiotic creme) and vetrap.

This is what I have.  I haven't used either one much but the Musher's Secret seems to moisturize and the Tuf-Foot seems to work, I just need to be more consistent with applying it.  If you decide to try the Tuf-Foot apply it outside.  The smell is a bit much when first applied and you won't have to worry about tracking it around the house.  It drys fast, I just wouldn't put it on in the house.


Tasha in her Ruffwear Grip Trex boots.  She does tend to kick them off but we only tried them on an indoor agility ring and Tasha loves to do everything full speed.


Vetrap.  Get the 2", it fits collie paws.  I take it with me everywhere I go with my dogs because I never know when Tasha will hurt a paw.  It keeps her from licking.  I do take it off at night or if I am away from the house because Tasha is the type to try to pull it off and eat it.

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