I think my cat thinks he is Iron Man
It is late and I am wandering around the internet for no good reason.

I see that one of my cats is very interested in the dog's food bowl and go over to investigate.

I find that my cat is interested in the food bowl because behind it is a 3" long scorpion.

I have my daughter hold the cat while I kill the scorpion with a broom and sweep it outside.

Scorpion blood looks black, just in case you were wondering.

By the way, three inch long scorpions are not that big for us.
Sick Ewwwww. Are they the poisonous type?

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Oh goodness, I'm horrified by our 1/2-1inch bees, hornets and wasps, not sure if I could handle 3inch scorpions. Yikes Aren't their stings like the equivalent of a bad bee sting here or are they a little more, should I say, deadly?
Sorry, hun - you can keep the scorpions! I've never seen one in person but I am absolutely terrified of them. Ew!
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I'll have to double check with my pest control guy when he comes to spray this month, I think I will also call my vet. I don't think they are too dangerous. Thankfully, my cat didn't get stung. This is the largest one we have had in the house. Usually we only get really tiny scorpions and I find them dead behind some piece of furniture. I have been doing a lot of yard work this week and he must have wandered into the garage and then into the house. I have the house sprayed once a month. The spray really doesn't kill the scorpions but it does kill the other bugs that scorpions like to eat.

It was late last night when I discovered the scorpion and it was the end of a long exhausting day so I took care of the pest and went to bed soon after. At around 4am I got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and remembered the scorpion and then started feeling really creepy so it took me some time to go back to sleep.

The entire time I was dealing with the scorpion the cat was struggling to get out of my daughter's arms. I think he was disappointed that I got rid of his "toy".
Our scorpions are about the size of a bee- almost cute- but not quite. I can't imagine having one that big inside my house. That might be another case of needing a rocketship, so I could nuke it from space.
Gotta love 'em.
Well, I was considering burning down the house or getting an atom bomb.

By the way, here is Mr. Scorpion killer sleeping on my desk without a care in the world.

I checked with my pest control guy and he told me that in Nevada only the Arizona bark scorpion is of any concern and he has never seen one (he said he sees about 100 scorpions each week).  He said if children are stung it is recommended to give them Benadryl so I'm planning to ask about dosage for my pets the next time I see the vet.  

So here are two rumors about scorpions that I didn't think were true and my pest guy confirmed it:

1) Only the Arizona bark scorpion can climb walls (FALSE).  I was pretty sure this wasn't true since I have seen lots of scorpions climb up walls (thankfully on the outside of my house).  My pest guy said, "They can all climb walls, I have even seen them hanging from the ceiling."  Thanks, pest guy, that is an image I didn't need. Frantic

2)  The smaller the scorpion, the more dangerous (FALSE).  I'm glad I don't have to worry about the tiny scorpions....sort of.... Undecided
Yeah, that was an image I didn't need in my brain either. We already have these things called palmetto bugs that look like giant cockroaches and can fly that crawl out of air vents at night and land on you.
Gotta love 'em.
Update....  My cat is now the "Scorpion Killer".

I was in the garage loading up the car with things to drop off at the charity shop and packing up what we needed for Tasha's agility class. Kitty, Sebastian, was helping me by jumping in and out of the car and making a pest of himself (something I thoroughly enjoy). And then I saw it... a 5" long scorpion running across the garage floor and under the car. Sebastian saw it too and went after it.  I yelled and that didn't do any good because cats don't care if you yell at them. Sebastian raced under the car after the scorpion. I yelled more and hit the button to open the garage door. Sebastian doesn't like the sound of the garage door and will run into the house. I guess scorpions are too interesting because this didn't work. The scorpion staggered out from under the car with Sebastian right behind it and I scooped up the cat and put him in the house screaming for my daughter to check if he had been stung.

Kitty is fine. No sign of a sting. Scorpion was gravely injured and I swept it out of the garage and used the hoe to finish it off. Stupid cat! Scaring me half to death!

Photo of "Killer":


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