Glad the toads around here aren't that bad. They'd probably still cause some sort of irritable reaction though. Thanks for the first aid info! Thumbsup
The pictures of the buzzards on the road made me think of the Cajun version of that buzzards riding on a dead gater that they were eating.  edible raft.    
The buzzards do keep things cleaned up.  4320

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Cappy, that photo is so fascinating and disgusting at the same time.
Nature can be that way if ya not used to it. Most folks think God's world is all zippity do da disney style. It aint.
So true. I once discovered a headless rabbit in my front yard. It happened to be one of the rare occasions that my husband was out of town and I really didn't want to take care of it so I decided if it was still there the next day I would remove it. Thankfully, the next morning it was gone. My guess is that a coyote dropped it in my yard and came back the next night.
I will see ya headless rabbit in the yard and raise ya the time Peggy found a baby gater in the kitchen sink.
That must have been a surprise. How did it get in your kitchen?
Thats a bit of a mystery we live a mile away from da swamp area.  Peggy had a collection of dirty dishes ad bowls and such out in our grape arbor after a weekend of company and kitty and doggy samples left behind.  It came a big rain and she kinda forgot about em and a few days went by.  WE figure a hawk or something snatched the baby gator flew off and dropped it in our back yard.  This is just a guess but the baby musta run for cover and finding a bowl with some water in it hid out.  Peggy went out and rounded up an arm load of saucers, bowls, etc along with forgotten wine glasses etc and dumped the whole mess into the kitchen sink.  Some few minutes later she heard a strange sound from the sink and the dogs were sitting intently looking up at it.  She went to wrincing and putting dishes in the dish washer and uncovered a baby gater.  Kinda like a lizard on steroids.  She caught it in a dish towel drove it to da bayou and set it free.
That is a great story. I have seen videos of people with alligators in their swimming pools in Florida but getting a baby in the kitchen sink is incredible. I bet that hasn't happened to anyone else.

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