Many dogs like their crates (in case you are worried).
I was organizing photos on my computer and came across a couple of my GSD.  He had a huge crate that was in the laundry room.


"Mom, HELP!  There is a collie in my crate!"

He didn't need a crate and spent very little time there.  I couldn't remember the last time I had put him in the crate and shut the door so a couple of months after we got Mattie I decided to rework the laundry room and store the massive crate.  My boy was so sad.  He missed his crate and would stand and stare at Tasha's crate and pout.  He even tried getting in the crate a couple of times.


Tasha is 30lbs. and her crate fits her nicely.  My GSD was 90lbs. and still managed to squish himself into the little crate.  Eventually he stopped pouting about the loss of his crate but I still felt like a horrible mom for taking it away.

So if you are worried about crating a puppy, don't.  Many dogs love their crates.  But then again we could just be that weird family everyone whispers about.....even my cats like the crate.

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Aww, lovely photo's and story ! My boys also love their crates.
Impressive that your GSD was able to squeeze himself into that crate. Yikes I like crates too and sometimes I wonder how housetraining is possible without them. Tongue
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Sometimes, the smallest things bring the greatest joy.
Awesome photos and story! Even the cats LOL! I wish the agency I had gotten Ember from hadn't ruined crating for her. All day with being let out once (twice if she was lucky or if I came by that day) during a very scary time in her life... she'll go in and even sleep but she is far from loving it.
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Micah tucks himself into any tight space he can find. Gideon. MUST. HAVE. CRATE!
Gotta love 'em.
Crates are dens,
I had one up in my bedroom a few years back with no door. May and Rider my Aussie would time share it.
There was a 2 second rule, if you step outside the crate, it is up for grabs, lol
There are many little creatures who like to be in dog crates. We were outside looking for this goofball. Found him in Pax's puppy crate. 


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Only-borders, somewhere I have a photo of my GSD in his crate with my two oldest children (11&14 at the time) and our Miniature Schnauzer.  Everyone looks very happy except the Schnauzer.

Tasha was the only dog I got as a puppy that it took time to teach her to be happy in a crate but when she is scared that is where she wants to be.  When we have thunderstorms I have to drag the crate from the laundry room to the other end of the house and put it in my bedroom closet.  She wants the security of the crate but also wants to be in the bedroom closet.  If I don't move the crate she runs frantically between the two places.  Once I move the crate and put a blanket over it she will stay put, still frightened but not frantic.

Mattie is the only dog I haven't had since a puppy and she isn't fond of being crated.  She has gotten better and will even nap there sometimes.  I think she may have been in a kennel a lot before being found as a stray because she gets really stressed if she thinks I am going to gate her in a room even if someone is in the room.  Also, she has very little fear of outdoor noises no matter how loud but indoor noises often frighten her.  When I first got her she was fine with the vacuum and hair dryer but terrified of the blender and the coffee grinder.  I got to the point I could tell which household appliances her foster mom used.
Those pictures were taken a couple years ago. Even now with all the dogs in larger crates downstairs he still goes in Pax's crate. We can find the two of them in there often. 

Crates are great. All my dogs have loved their crates.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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