Any opinions on puppies being fed eggs.
Pros and cons please.
I know that there are people that feed their dogs raw eggs but I don't know how often. I think there are others on here that feed eggs so they would know more.
You can feed a raw egg twice a week and not have too much of the biotin in the diet tied up. You can feed raw egg yokes every day and cooked egg whites every day. It's best to lightly cook the whites and leave the yoke completely intact and raw. As soon as it is heated or exposed to air, some of the really good nutrients in there are damaged.
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Silly question. Do you ever worry about Salmonella when feeding raw eggs?
Personally, no, but I raise my own chickens and I already feed raw and know what my dogs can handle.
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Yes I feed raw eggs probably about 3x week. Like GM I have my own chickens.
It's only in relatively recent times that I have heard all the concerns about salmonella and raw eggs. I don't know if it is really a huge issue or just part of societies modern day trend to be concerned over everything that "might" cause a problem no matter how small the risk. When I was growing up my mother would make us "egg flips" particularly if we has poor appetite for any reason. One raw egg, teaspoon of vanilla, teaspoon of sugar, pinch of nutmeg and approx 1 1/2 cups of milk, all beat up with egg beaters until frothy on top just like a regular milkshake.
They were a regular part of our diet and none of us ever got sick from them. I also made them for our children and again never had a sick child from them. Salmonella can be a risk with any food, we recently had an incident of contaminated pre washed lettuce in Australia. I don't really know how common salmonella in raw eggs is in other places but a part of me suspects that the concern has perhaps been blown a little out of proportion. I have always given a raw egg twice a week to my dogs and have never had an issue.

I appreciate GM's knowledge in respect to the biotin issue, that's info I am glad to have.
For dogs, salmonella shouldn't be a problem, but because of how some of us live, we have created unhealthy dogs. Dogs naturally are regularly exposed to salmonella and their normal gut bacteria keeps it in check by competing for the same resources. But when our dogs are fed one kibble for life, it eliminates some of the different strains of gut bacteria because conditions are not suitable and the dog becomes more susceptible to bacterial overgrowth of any new bacteria that is introduced. And some dogs are never allow to explore and taste whatever poop they come across or dog in the dirt or any of the other ways they keep their immune system in working order.
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GM, that's very interesting and makes perfect sense, particularly in respect to kibble only diets. I didn't understand the concern with salmonella because I have seen my dogs eat some truely horrid stuff over the years, dead and decaying critters they have found either on walks or even in our own yard, with no negative consequences. I haven't actually encouraged it but when they find something they are pretty keen and will endeavour to swallow it before I recall and tell them to "out". The issue of not allowing exposure to normal doggy habits sounds like a similar syndrome to the one created in humans. I think it's called Kawasaki Syndrome and occurs when people are hyper vigilant with cleanliness around children and their immune system does not develop adequately.
Ug slightly unrelated rant story coming on...

My mom used to run an indoor bouncy house playground. I helped her and was working alone one day. I got a phone call asking a million and one questions about our cleaning procedures, including the stuff we used, how often, etc. Thought it was a competitor trying to rat us out for something, so gave vague answers without seeming like it.

An hour later this woman comes in with her two kids. We are in the middle of June in SC - mid summer, could have been about 100 F outside. Easy.

Her kids are covered from head to foot in clothing including hats, socks gloves. Only skin showing was their faces. They had to play like this in our building, which wasn't very well air conditioned nor was the air circulated well. Those kids looked miserable. And she had to keep calling them over to wipe their faces with hand sanitizer.

Sorry, this conversation brought that to mind. I grew up playing in things I shouldn't have been near much less touching LOL! My dog is the same way. I try to monitor what goes in her mouth, but if she's quicker, eh, she's quicker (unless it's truly harmful, of course).
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