It's just like what people are doing to their kids with trying to keep their surroundings sterile. If you ever look into probiotics much, you will find some of the best ones to use are soil based organisms. Yes folks, we were meant to eat some dirt.
Gotta love 'em.
Actually, I was worried about salmonella and people. I don't know if it is possible transmit salmonella to humans if the dog were to lick your hand and then you rubbed your face? I had a horrible case of salmonella food poisoning a few years ago so I sort of have an understandable but unreasonable fear.
(03-21-2017, 01:32 PM)Ember Wrote: Ug slightly unrelated rant story coming on...

My mom used to run an indoor bouncy house playground. I helped her and was working alone one day. I got a phone call asking a million and one questions about our cleaning procedures, including the stuff we used, how often, etc. Thought it was a competitor trying to rat us out for something, so gave vague answers without seeming like it.

An hour later this woman comes in with her two kids. We are in the middle of June in SC - mid summer, could have been about 100 F outside. Easy.

Her kids are covered from head to foot in clothing including hats, socks gloves. Only skin showing was their faces. They had to play like this in our building, which wasn't very well air conditioned nor was the air circulated well. Those kids looked miserable. And she had to keep calling them over to wipe their faces with hand sanitizer.

Sorry, this conversation brought that to mind. I grew up playing in things I shouldn't have been near much less touching LOL! My dog is the same way. I try to monitor what goes in her mouth, but if she's quicker, eh, she's quicker (unless it's truly harmful, of course).

I would never do what that mom did but I have to admit I'm a little paranoid of germs in public places.  I never had an issue with my kids getting dirty.  They could play outside, pet animals, go on hikes and camping trips and I didn't worry much.  But a trip to the grocery store or the mall or any other place with lots of humans and I make everyone wash their hands the minute we get home.  I don't trust the general public when it comes to germs.
I don't have a problem with people doing something dirty and needing to clean up immediately after, it's the ones that can't enjoy life because they might get dirty that bother me.

My church had an event last Halloween where we had games, a petting zoo, food, and all the cars lined up for kids to "Trunk or Treat." I was the very last car, closest to the petting zoo. You had 2 kinds of people. The ones that wouldn't let their kids anywhere near the petting zoo, and the ones that went straight from the petting zoo to eat with no wash up in between. I'm not one of those people who carry Germ-X every where I go, but coincidentally, that day I had some in my car, so I stopped everyone as they were leaving the petting zoo and Germ-Xed their kids. I don't care if their kids get dirty, but I do know that our church would have been sued if someone petted an animal and then ate and came down with one of "those" bugs. The petting zoo people were a little insulted, but I don't care. You don't eat after handling farm animals without washing. That's just common sense.

This year they are having the petting zoo for Easter. I told them flat out that they HAD BETTER have Germ-X all over the place.
Gotta love 'em.
I'm surprised by the attitude of the petting zoo people. I think every time I have been where there is a petting zoo they posted signs telling people to wash their hands after petting the animals.
You know I have on occasions been out on my horse, or when I was on a 8 day cattle drive, living in tents, you know you ate when it was offered sometimes while still on the horses back, so hands been sanitized rarely happened. Which is odd because I am in any other situation always washing my hands.
Go figure, lol

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