Baby it's hot outside
I know every dog will be a little different but I thought I'd see if there was a chart or something something that had time frames for dog activity vs how hot it is outside. I just don't want to put our pup in an overheating situation. Or maybe a good rule of thumb for how much water they should have depending on the level of heat?
I'd say if it's above 85 and sunny don't risk it and stay inside. Also watch their panting. You can tell how hot they are by how far their tongue is sticking out. So if the tongue is sticking out way more than normal than it's time to go inside and take a brake.
A lot depends on the age/health of the dog, what your dog is used to, humidity, and activity level.  Our humidity is usually very low in the summer (5-15%).  For trips to the park where I use the chuck-it to play fetch with Tasha and Mattie chases Tasha it has to be 75 or cooler (during the summer I use 72 as my limit just because it heats up fast in the morning).  For agility training at the park, it has to be no warmer then 80.  

Our back courtyard is shaded in the evenings and during the summer we like to sit outside under the misters.  There is a play pool for the collies to cool off.  Sometimes we are out and it is over 100 but the humidity is low and they will race around and chase each other.  I don't allow anyone to play with the dogs, they will self regulate and not overheat as long as we leave them alone.  When I had my GSD he would sometimes come outside and sit under the misters and sometimes he would come out for a few minutes and then walk back to the door to go back inside, he liked the A/C. 

Another thing.  A high of 80 for us is very different from a low of 80.  Right now I wouldn't have any problem taking the dogs for a walk if it was 80 but in the summer when the low is 80 it has a very different feel and seems too hot to go for a walk.
I guess I should also ask if people can label temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
I usually try to convert temps. but I didn't bother this time. You are in Utah?
I didn't bother either. Tongue Hmm... 85F=30ishC. I'd say follow what T&MM is saying. My sense of warmer temperatures is probably a little off from winter. Scream
Yup I'm in utah I follow Fahrenheit but I can do the conversion if I know what the label is
Isn't the east coast getting lots of cold temps. and snow? Right now it is 79F/26c at 9:00pm. Tomorrow the high is forecast as 91F/32C. My AC is running as I type this.
Yeah, we're getting some cooler temps. It's supposed to snow soon (now/tomorrow morning) and my phone says it's just above freezing but I don't trust it. We live in a not so populated area of CT so the temps given on my phone aren't always the most accurate. If I had to guess I'd say it's 25F (-5C?) It was in the 60's (teens/20's) a few weeks ago though.
Normally  utah is still chilly right now but we have hdifferent Temps at 72F this week

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