Too Hot for Dogs.
I don't doubt that I am preaching to the converted when it comes to our forum members however many others visit our forum so if my message reaches only one it is worth it.

We are currently experiencing a severe heat wave with temperatures being highest on record in QLD. Across the state temps are soaring between the high 30's and high 40"s with one town reaching an 49.5 celsius (over 107 F).
I have a stall on Saturdays at a huge arts and crafts market, over 600 stalls where we receive visitors from all over the country and the world, dogs are welcome at the market. We are under contract to not have more than 6 weeks off per year, so attending on Saturday was not optional however nobody really expected many visitors and we all prepared best we could for a very uncomfortable day. Emergency Services were asking people via all media to please stay home as they were overwhelmed with call outs for heat stress. We all took fans and buckets to fill with water and put our feet in, wet towels and everything from delicate water spritzes to kids water blasters. "Gone Troppo" is a common saying in QLD as the heat plus humidity in the 90"s seem to effect ones brain LOL. The temp under my gazebo reached 42 celsius by 11am and I can only imagine what the heat was like on the asphalt and pavers of the laneways that are in full sun.

Many visitors arrived and to my horror many, many people also brought their dogs. It was absolutely sickening to see so many dogs struggling with walking on hot asphalt with the radiant heat burning into their bellies. There were 5 BC's at the market on Saturday, one of which broke my heart and almost caused me to commit a violent act upon it's owner. It was a mature dog, very obese and with a bandaged front leg. It's struggle was obvious yet there stood the owner chatting away at stalls with a big hat and sucking on an ice beverage.

So to anyone out there who does not already have the common sense to NOT take your dog out in the heat I beg you to consider showing some consideration for your loyal and loving dog who will literally walk on hot coals to be with you. Should per chance the owner of the poor BC who attended Eumundi Market on Sat 11/2/17 visit this post, I want you to know that you narrowly escaped being hit in the back of the head with a flying 800gram soy wax candle in a heavy hand painted jar.
On Saturday I saw what can only be describe as abuse. Angry-smiley-005 Swearing-smiley Angry-smiley-005 Swearing-smiley Angry-smiley-005
We have the same problem here in the summer. Also, people leaving their dogs in hot cars. ;(
It doesn't get quite as hot here (only lower 90s usually) but the heat is still a problem. I avoid going out between 10am and 5pm because of it and if I do go out I stay in the shade of the woods or in water or both! There is a river that goes along a trail in the woods that is the perfect place to cool off on hot days. And on those hot days we go through the woods (off trail) to get there because the roads are too hot.
LB Perfect outing for dogs on a hot day, I do very similar. Early mornings or late afternoons. We also go to a little forrest area but the dogs have to stay on lead as there are feral dog baits in there. I also drive to the start of the forrest even though it is only walking distance. The dirt road in is just too hot being in full sun. It is so much cooler under the forrest canopy than it is even in our house.
We have the same issues here in summer. Dogs can get second degree burns on their feet from standing there. We walk just before dark, because it takes that long for the pavement to cool enough. I had to tell a blind person to watch out for their dog's feet when he was standing around talking with a friend in a parking lot. The friend was nasty about it.
Gotta love 'em.
Same here (I'm about 8 hours north of GM, and I've lived in Clearwater directly across FL from her for a year). People living dogs in hot cars or walking them on pavement. Especially since we lose beach access in the hottest months - everyone feels like they have to get their dogs out to all the tourist places that allow it. Outdoor markets and the such. And on the coast the humidity is suffocating some days.

Ember will not drink water outside of the house (I've never figured this out - not even on a hot day at the dog park, or from her own bowls outside!). So for her sake I can't do anything extraneous in the heat. Early morning and late night with the quickest potty break walk at dinner.
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Damn poor thing. We have trouble with people leaving their dogs inside their cars during the summer too, luckily police really keep an eye out for this issue...It gets pretty hot here , I usually spend like 15 days in the South of Spain. Our house there has a big yard with a lot of trees for shadow and a pool, so it is very nice there. However, the rest of the summer I stay at home due to work and it gets VERY hot. Around 38-45ºC.

What do you guys do when it gets that hot? With my other dogs, I would walk them early in the morning and at sunset, I would give them a longer walk at night. However, they weren't very active so they didn't mind staying in all day. But Balu has a lot of energy, so I'm just wondering what you guys do about that? Maybe if it is hot he may chill a little, my other dogs used to sleep all day when the temperatures got so out of hand, but still...they weren't border collies lol.
I was just talking yo my husband yesterday how restricted we are due to the weather here. Winters can drop to below 40. And summers can be hign30s low 40s.
We work even in the summer. I work at keeping my dogs acclimated to the heat. We only work for about 5 minutes at a time and keep a water tank for the dogs to climb into to cool off. When we travel, I have a special set up for the car. I have a minivan and I open the back and side doors. I have fans that blow directly on the dogs. And I have mylar mesh tarps that cover the car and deflect sun but allow the breeze to come through. Summer is pretty tough here. Winter is a piece of cake.
Gotta love 'em.
Summers can be miserable here. I didn't mind them so much until I got my collies. Agility class is once a week and sometimes twice in the summer just to get them out and exercised (especially Tasha, she is higher energy then Mattie). We do trick training and brain games inside when it is too hot to get out. I have a bunch of training things that I haven't used in months because our weather is nice now. They love going to the park. Tasha fetches the ball and Mattie chases Tasha. In the summer my rule for the park is nothing over 72F/22C because they run flat out at the park and I worry about them overheating.

Sometimes I take them on what I call "sniffing" walks. We go someplace unusual, on leash, and I let them lead me around and smell to their hearts content. They really seem to enjoy this kind of walk and because they are not running I don't have to worry as much about them overheating.

In the evening we go out to the back courtyard. It is shaded in the evening and I have a kid pool for them to splash in. Even when the temperature is over 100F/37C they will chase each other all over the yard and splash in the pool. My rule when it is this hot is that I don't let anyone play with them. Both dogs seem to know how to self regulate if the humans are not involved.

Edited to add: Our humidity is really low, sometimes only 3% in the summer and that helps.

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