Terrified of the car!!!!!
Yeah Bronwen ....I made it out of the driveway with mom and had a few trips....her tapping that invisible brake the whole time...if it weren't too obvious she probably would have her nails dug into the dash. But we do not get along. It took me two or three tries to pass I forget. Great teachers except mom. I failed because I did not want my license enough to get past my nerves so I hated the whole thing. If you like doing something or not can affect the outcome. I lost my license within six months. Got into my first accident within a month. I even managed to get two speeding tickets in one trip across town one afternoon. All because I could not wait to get to point a to point b and get OUT of traffic. Car does not bother me traffic does. Not good driving instructor material. If time and storage were not a factor I would walk everywhere.
Makes sense Smile I actually enjoy driving, its just other motorists that irritate me LOL My brother isn't keen but drives out of necessity rather like yourself (he's in New Zealand and lives in Wellington so does use public transport most of the time but weekends away etc he drives grudgingly).
Haha Keller
I was not brave enough to give any of my kids driving lessons. My husband did though, which is surprising as I would say I was the more patient one. But perhaps it is not about patience and more about fear lol
T and M's mom..don't forget shot's and first dentist trip for good measure.

I have also realized it is a lot like riding bumper cars or roller coaster except you are trying not to laugh and scream..thinking that makes it challenging not to.

GM I think my first fear is my trust in his knowledge of handling speed and maintaining the position of car by being able to understanding how the combination of break, gas, and steering. He says he thinks he has it. But the smoothness of the cars movements tell me otherwise. I really think he is not ready enough to be safe on the road in traffic...but my OH paid the money for his lessons...I am so frustrated he would not listen. And now the kids confidence and self esteem comes into play.
That's the nice thing about where I live. My kids could literally drive down an empty road. I actually have them drive off one side and then the other to learn where the sides of the vehicle are. My son's first trip out, I had him go down one of our local dirt roads before I saw all the firetrucks, sheriff cars, and news vans. YIKES! There had been a trailer fire the night before. He had to carefully weave my full sized pickup truck through all of the crazily parked vehicles. Suddenly, a deputy walked out right in front of him. So much for the advantages of driving in a rural area. But he is an extremely good driver. He has twice now had someone pull out right into him and had to leave the road to avoid getting hit, but he managed to keep control the whole time. You would think people could see something as big as a truck, but nope, they can't.
Gotta love 'em.

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