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No sooner had I felt Max was over his rock swallowing habit and it has struck again. I came downstairs this morning to find he had vomited up rocks during the night. I believe he has another in transit through the intestine as he didn't want his breakfast and he was doing all the classic movements of being in abdominal discomfort, earlier this morning. I don't think it is a huge one this time as he seems to have come good and has just enjoyed a few hours out at his breeders kennel running around after balls and swimming in the dam.

This is such a frustrating problem for which I have tried so many things. I mean these rocks are not accidentally swallowed, they are too big for that. It seems quite deliberate. He is on mineral supplements so I don't think it is a dietary thing. Have moved a truck load of rocks but still he finds them.

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Oh no! And two inches long? Yikes Glad it's not too serious this time and that he threw most of them up.
Oh no! And so sharp too! Hopefully he will get the last one out and all will be well. I couldn't imagine having to manage something like that Sad
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That is horrifying! Tasha is my worrisome pup that swallows all sorts of things she shouldn't. No rocks, but carpet fibers, stuffing from bedding, etc. By the way, the bedding she ate was from Mattie's new bed, in the middle of the day, with everyone around. This wasn't a bored pup left in a crate all day. I can't tell you how many times something has come up and onto the carpet and I am horrified at the thought of it getting caught in her digestive tract and needing surgery to get it out.
He is such a smart boy and learns everything so very quickly. You would think that when this makes him feel so bad and in so much pain that vomiting them up right in front of himself would cause him to come to some kind of realisation after all this time. "Oh they didn't go down too well, shouldn't do that again". AGGHHH
That is exactingly what I think when Tasha gets sick from eating something she shouldn't. "Really!! Didn't you learn?"
Yay, the rock has passed through. 1 1/2" x 1" x 5/8". Not the biggest one that has managed to pass through but jeez !
BaconDance Sooooo happy it has come out. BaconDance

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Yikes!! My rock eater only ever ate small ones about 1/2 inch. I would be frantic if he ate the big ones!
Gotta love 'em.
Dilwyn used to eat gravel size bits as a young pup but nothing like that. That's really worrying!!

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