It's scary out there.
I am sliding in my cleats when trying to walk the dog earlier as the rain hits ice covered walks from previous weeks ice storm. Watched countless children falling trying to get home or even just to parent's cars and buses. Watched this play out from two thirty until four thirty picking up at schools five miles apart two sides of town. Hard to watch. Now Keller has his back legs practically slide out from under him stepping out the door to go potty /yikes
It's supposed to be like that here later this week. These can help with it. They're very useful for shoveling a 300 foot long driveway which 1/3 of it is a steep hill that turns into a sheet of ice when it snows.
Be careful! On the other side, as a kid I would have LOVED playing on the ice! But then, that might be why in my 30s I'm basically falling apart at the seams.

Don't hurt yourself -you just got back on your feet!
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Yup I have the scary industrial jaws teeth looking ones. The standing water on the ice renders them and useless in places. It is scary. Couple more days and it hits forty and higher then it will be just a sandy mucky salty mess of puddles. Our winter is in some other states...I think I need to becom a nomad to live in it. Sad
I will Ember if I have to keep my kids home to avoid it. Neenah does not shut down even for some blizzard type stuff.
I can see how this ice and snow problem could be really dangerous yet I read this with a degree of envy. We are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures of 43 C predicted for tomorrow. The dogs are really feeling it and I have a little swimming pool set up for them at the back door.
A few nights ago I was very concerned about Max and I put them to bed with wet towels over the crates, baking dishes filled with bagged ice in front of the crates and a fan blowing the cool air over them. Seemed to help a lot but my partner was not impressed at losing one of the two fans we use in our bedroom LOL
Yesterday a young local man died from heat stroke. He was dirt bike riding in the forests that surround us and although he didn't dehydrate, his brain overheated. My partner is off to buy a cooling vest to use during a ride he has planned next Saturday. I think he is crazy and asked, "what about the heat under your helmet". "Nah, she'll be right" was the reply. I got snarky and snapped, "I guess you can't cook a brain you haven't got". Arghh, boys and their toys !! I'm sure I'll talk sense into him before Saturday arrives.
Eww that sounds nasty. I'd rather fall down several times get wet and bruised. I hate anything over 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather like would keep me shut in with the air conditioning until after dark eve then if their is over sixty percent humidity no go.

Good luck with your OH. Mine has no common sense or the ability to see reason and practicality. Easier to convince my dog or teenagers.
Yes, the humidity is the killer for me too. Our is currently in the 90% range. Max loves his little pool and enjoys blowing bubbles in it. Jasper the little dufus just see's the challenge of seeing how quickly he can empty it

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Those bandanas with the gel in them that you can freeze really work. Keeping something cold around your neck is the best way to cool down. It's all those veins and arteries so near the surface that does it.
Gotta love 'em.
Lol Giggle I love water diggers!!!! Always wonder what they are looking for? The bottom I guess?
This ice is very bad. Living on top of a hill makes it very challenging. Power outages have been reported, all is well here. It's been a bit of a different winter so far. I'm ready to see spring grass and flowers.

Come on spring. Stay safe everyone.

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