Keller's evening activity

Santa Shmanta!!! I am all about the mailman!!!

Neither snow nor rain nor heat or gloom of night.....I'll be waiting... /evilgrin

Shhh be very very quiet I am hunting mailman.
Good boy Keller. Grin

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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Silly boy. Have a good stakeout, you may end up having to wait a little. Giggle
LOL Such a cute boy! Poor mailman! What did he ever do to you Keller? Giggle
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Mailman did nothing. Some even carry cookies. But the mailbox is part of KELLERVILLE. He just approached and barks. But when I could not walk he amazingly started coming to me as I said "leash"'when we both saw someone was about to pass the yard. He would literally crawl in my lap so I could leash or just hold his collar.

In fact crawling in my lap whenever I am sitting on the ground when called to me is now standard behavior now.

I really need to have Mike teach me to use tripod camera at night. He works nights.
How adorable!
Gotta love 'em.

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