You win!!!
My dog can drag me across the carpeted floor sitting pretzel style playing tug. I used to worry about his teeth. Now I worry about my hands and shoulders. I am not a big person and I am not petite. He is forty eight pounds of beast. /Lmao
Hmmm, if I do that Kep would pull me face first into the ground (still carpet floor.) and I'm rather small. Add the husky and I'm getting dragged across the floor on my stomach. Keller must have quite the figure. Maybe even a bit of a burly dog. Tongue
Harness your dogs up to a snow saucer and have some fun. Exercise for them and free transportation for you. Grin

I'm putting it out there that pics would be great too. Giggle

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

Hmmmm /thinking I joke that I want a harness and cart so I can walk and do some grocery shopping. I DO have some saucers though.....have to get some softer snow..
Yes loyal border he is quite well built. I like his photo following the snowmobile he is stretched out running can see his size and shape well. Nice deep chest and tuck. When he sits he has nice looking muscles in his front legs.
P.S. The trick to not doing a face plant is to sit pretzel style and lean body weight away from dog. If ya wanna work YOUR biceps and a bit of core I pull the dog to me. I would love to put a video of how well trained he is at gently taking only when given permission not tugging until asked. Giving when told. Have to train other humans to use his rules though. His self control comes so easily. That is why I call him gentle and sweet....he catches onto the human wimpiness very quickly. Who knows what else I could do with that. Grocery getter would be me favorite. Cart and rig is the hang up. That and security at store. But festival would easily be convinced to install kennels.
Gideon can pull pretty well too. For some reason, Micah just slides on the floor. I don't think his feet have that much hair on them, but he sure does act like they do.
Gotta love 'em.

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