Keller's New Year's Eve day
I only followed Lisa doing laps around the property. Others went but I only follow my human. Note she does not condone this. She did not know I was there until they told her. Right before photo. Then I got safely tied when she found I was being risky.
Oh my goodness little boy - you're pushing limits again aren't you! Looks like everyone is getting out and about and having fun! And tired out pretty well too, by the last picture.

I was just thinking of your mom - how's her foot healing?
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Hahaha. Making up for lost time. I know it was hard being cooped up, but it has passed.
Glad you and your human are having a blast! Must make make today an extra special day!
I think we are out of the thick of it walked two miles today not counting running around the yard. Still puffy. Some shoes better than others. Stiff in mornings. Hurts if Keller sleeps on my feet too long at night. Something he only does at my parents house. There is nothing I miss more about childhood than long snowmobiling trips on my birthdays. Being born on this date was a blessing. Family was always together because of holidays.
That looks like a blast. I bet everyone enjoyed your birthday weekend.

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Looks like you had a fantastic time, nothing like a tired sleepy bc
What a great day you had! Here's to many more!
Gotta love 'em.

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