Talking to myself
Keller had to go to be boarded at the veterinarian while we were out of town with a family emergency. I dropped him off Friday. Did not sleep a wink from worry about my husband and the Keller. Not to mention not in my bed. We got home last night. I can't pick up Til they open on Monday. I have kept busy during the day so I don't notice. But now as the day is coming to a close the more and more I find myself talking to myself/dog. They open at eight I will be in the door at eight fifteen.

What do you think he will do to me? I still have a sensitive foot. I think I might sit down. Not sure his well mannered wiggle butt sit will be what greets me.
Missed his face in the window to greet me after the days we had.
When I have to board my pets it is quite a distance from my house so I usually have to drop everyone off the day before we leave and pick them up the day after I get home. When I am home without my pets I tend to wander around the house wondering what to do with myself.

Keller will be super excited to see you so I think you should be seated with your foot protected and ask the office staff if someone can help you get him to the car. My dogs always act crazy when I pick them up from boarding but they will calm down once in the car.
Agree get seated before you meet him. I'm sure he will behave for you and I always feel a bit tearful and overwhelmed when I pick Dilwyn up from kennels . He is soooooo excited to meet me and he never sulks. We normally go straight out for a walk- I know you aren't able to do that yet but play a few games with him. Was it your husband that was ill? I hope everything is OK- thinking of you
Definitely sit! Your lover boy will want to reach your face I'm sure! (unless he's like Ember and doesn't like being in your face, that could be the case Tongue ).
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Rolleyes He is home! ! I think I was more excited. I still got tongue on cheek instead of just nose. He has a scraped up nose. Very hoarse.
I think we will both lay low. It is cold my ankle is the size of a soft ball. I have a feeling the excitement of it all may have drained him some.

They said he was pretty good with some special treats that have something similar to triptifan in it to to relax. They said he had harder time last night. They were closed so he was alone most of day except an hour or so for feeding and toilet. He only ate if someone sat with him. Otherwise they said he listens amazingly. He is off in one of his corners.

Next time I hope I can remember and get my son's best buddy who is here a lot and loves Keller. He lives four blocks away. He would be cheaper. Keller could sit on his back door. And he would have not had to be alone that extra day because the office is closed. Sawyer and I thought of it on the slow drive up Friday. Rolleyes
Strike that if lay with my head on his end with hands on he sleeps soundly. He is definetly himself.
Glad you're both back with each other and that the little scare is over.
Reunited, just as it should be. Heart

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Glad things are getting back to "normal."
Gotta love 'em.
How long will it take for his voice to come back. He sounds like he has been de barked. Does his throat hurt?

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