Talking to myself
He looks very happy to be home.
Glad to hear everything is sorted. May take a couple of days to come back. Can always try a bit of honey & Glycerin cough mixture to soothe his throat if you want to pamper him.
It is literally laryngitis. The more he rests his voice the sooner it will come back. If he won't rest his voice it may be permanently damaged, but that's fairly rare. Like humans with laryngitis, he may or may not have any rawness. If he is doing little throat clearing coughs, then he probably does have some scratchy feelings. Soak his food for a few days so that dry kibble isn't keeping his throat irritated. Warm water is best.
Gotta love 'em.
Glad he is back and your journey was safe.
When I worked it boarding sometimes dogs did get husky because they barked a lot, lol

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