BC vs Aussie? Miniature Aussie?
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So I have been watching and reading quite a bit. I had my heart settled on a BC but my spouse thought maybe a mini Aussie would require less exercise. I have heard that mini breeds tend to be be nervous and have bad temperaments, which in my book, is harder to deal with than excessive exercise needs. What do you guys think? Would there be any real advantage to an Aussie and a mini Aussie in particular? Thanks!!
IMO you can read all you want about any breed, BUT, until you talk first hand to several owners of that breed you will never really know what they are like.

Every Border Collie I have had, 7 of my own and 2 fosters, has not been a high energy, need to be running all day kind of dog. They have been perfectly happy with being with us in or outside. Yes we do play ball and go for hikes, etc but it's because we want to be with our dogs. Not because they are demanding us to do it.

You can make a Border Collie into an adrenaline junkie if you want and you can also make them a calm dog. I truly think more people than not who own Border Collies will tell you they are not crazy demanding dogs. Yes they do have energy and can go for days but it's up to you to limit it. Mine are always happy to stop and come in the house when I tell them we are done.

I can think of other breeds who are much more active without an off switch. In no way am I trying to sway your dog choice. I just don't like it when people think Border Collies are constantly bouncing off the walls because it is so untrue.

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

[Image: P1160337-800x600_zps7nxqmgvy.jpg]

I have not been around enough mini Aussies, the ones I have were sold as cutesy with a big price and were not probably pure as they were way too fine boned. Since they have been recognized I have seen some that meet standards but unfortunately are being pumped out by people making money. I have NEVER seen one working, and personally think they are very different than the Australian Shepherd.
I have a friend who breeds Australian Shepherds, I have had one of her dogs looked after many of her dogs.
There are similarities with border collies but only in the fact they both herd. Completely different dog. You could probably look up on you tube the very different styles they herd which reflects on their general temperament.
Australian Shepherds are very and I mean very affectionate even needy, you will have a shadow, very bouncy, more protective. A little harder personality, which is needed in their style of herding.
Border collies are more intense, more sensitive. Oh and if an Australian shepherd believes it needs to bite it has a hard bite.
I like Aussies, but I prefer Border Collies, I loved my Aussie boy Rider, he was devoted to me, my shadow. Also this is just me I like dogs to be natural so I hate tails docked.
My BCs don't require any more exercise than my non Border Collies. They appreciate doing things more and they have a certain work ethic that my other dogs don't, but they really don't have to be turned into nutty dogs. I like Aussies, but I like the BC personality more.
Gotta love 'em.
I have a mellow dog that actually stops on his own says he has had enough. Perfectly content being your "typical" dog. Except for he is hopelessly devoted to me like an Aussie minus the neediness. He wil lay down in a corner doing his thing as long as I am in the same room or in sight. He is like a sponge I don't have to necessarily have to interact in general dog play. He is crazy about using his brain trying new things figuring out what it is I want to do. The only thing I say to a select few people that I know are gone more than home is this breed does not care for that kind of life typically when compared to many other breeds. When it comes to any cons or disclaimers.

I was tossing around between both breeds. That tailless butt is adorable. But in the end I am fascinated with how sleek and agile these guys are. I will also admit it I am colorist I love the black and white coat shining in the sun. Then finally there is the crouch and eye. Just beautiful.
Like some others have said, it is a common misconception that Border Collies need to be worked hard every day, all day. I've grown up with Border Collies and worked with them my entire life. While it does depend on the dog, almost every Border Collie I've met is perfectly okay with stopping and relaxing when we are done working or playing. They will go as long as you let them, but as soon as your done, they're okay quitting. Granted, this isn't every dog and I have met some who are very persistent. However, they aren't crazy. They have crazy antics, such as trying to hold six balls in their mouth ( Tongue ), but they are not always crazy. With proper training, Border Collies can be awesome dogs.
I've also been around several Aussies and mini Aussies. They are awesome dogs also. It may just be me, but I think Aussies can be a bit more hyper than Border Collies, who are usually more focused and intense. Aussies get hyper and bark while Border Collies drop a ball at your feet until you throw it. Aussies can also be very clingy. They want affection and a lot of it. Border Collies like affection, but even the more clingy ones are content laying at your feet or near you. They don't necessarily need to be in your lap. Don't get me wrong, Aussies are awesome, but I would rather have a more focused and intense dog than a spazzy crazy one. Again that's probably just because I like sporting and working and I like the intense drive.
So, to sum that up: Border Collies are intense and persistent. Aussies are a bit more hyper and playful. Border Collies aren't as clingy. Aussies like to be close.
So, both breeds need exercise and stimulation and they both express boredom in different ways. Honestly, either one is awesome. I just happen to like Border Collies better Smile
This is all just off of my personal experience and every dog is different though! Proper manners and training as a puppy will help a TON also!
Hope this helps!
Thanks for all the input!! I thought I would mostly hear (much to my chagrin) if you want a dog with fewer needs get an Aussie or even a mini Aussie. Aussies look like great dogs (hey all dogs are great in their own way) but I already had my heart set on a border collie, so I really appreciate the encouragement.

I want a dog that can go hiking on the weekends or can take a 5 mile walk easily. But on a day I am at work I only want to spend about an hour throwing the ball or playing at the dog park. That can be supplemented with obedience or agility classes. When I'm at home I don't mind a shadow! Smile
Well, you can't take a pup on a five miler. They would do it, mind you. But it could do them some damage. People fall into the trap of overexercising BCs because they usually will keep going even after they are tired, so they get more and more fit and require more and more to wear them out. But mental exercise is way better for them. Once they are old enough, they are going to be game for anything you want to include them in, but will be OK with just hanging out with you.
Gotta love 'em.
Aussie Sheps are beautiful dogs from what I have seen.
More chilled than BCs I think.
Australian Shepards do not originate from Australia did everyone know that? They were developed in western America!!!! /thinking Giggle

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