Respecting Boundaries
Another thread got me thinking about this. How many of you have areas at your home that the dogs are not allowed to go into or can only enter or exit with permission? And how did you teach them to respect those boundaries?

We don't allow the dogs in the kitchen. It is separated from the rest of the house by having a tile floor where the rest of the house(except for bathrooms) is linoleum. All we did to teach them this boundary was to "Ahh, ahh" when they put one paw on it. That's all it took. They know that they can go into the bathrooms, but not the kitchen.

We also don't let them go through any gate on the property without permission. Permission is the command "Let's go." and it means that they are to accompany us out the gate, not just run through it. This keeps them from running out onto the road or chasing the animals. Originally, it was taught by having the dog back up through the gate if they passed the threshold and wait until they were called through. Now, every once in a while we have to reinforce with an "Ahh, ahh" due to overexcitement when we are going out to do stockwork.

Of course, we have the usual "Wait" for going through doors and getting in and out of the car
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We definitely use boundaries in the house. And yes, a consistent "ah, ah" pretty much does it. Turner is not allowed in the bathroom (though he did try to toss a stuffed alligator over the threshold at me this morning). We have an area in the kitchen that is off limits only when we are cooking. We also have a boundary area around us when we are eating. Since he likes to where the action is, for both cooking and eating we established a spot on the boundary where he can lie down and wait until we're done.
We unintentionally taught Keller not to go in the kids bedrooms without us saying so. We ALWAYS kept their doors closed during puppyhood to prevent any serious injury. It is easier to close a door than constantly nag to or pick up in kids lives. Now that he is older the doors are open and it is like the room does not exist unless we are in there and call him. As for the kitchen it is a gateway from living room to backdoor "bathroom" door for him. We cannot exactly tell him to stay out. So I am constantly telling him to go living room which is the other door from back. I may just be sure to let him out before any meal prep. I must say I have screwed him up on it to. Where I shew him out then reward him for leaving. I need to extend the time he waits. I noticed yesterday he has a habit of coming in getting under foot then getting out when told getting his reward and is back in two minutes later. My husband laughed and said "I think he found a food dispenser." Blush
You mean you can teach dogs not go somewhere if they're not allowed? We ended up re arranging the furniture in the living room to keep them out of the bay window! They have us trained so well.... /Lmao
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Well, my BCs obey the injunctions against going to those places, but my JRT only obeys when she is being watched. She watches us to see if we are watching her before sneaking, so sometimes I catch her because I noticed her watching me. How crazy is that!
Gotta love 'em.
We continue to work on sitting when the hand grabs the door knob. Have been taking a break as he is suffering from "mom is having trouble staying in our rhythm lately" syndrome so she is slipping on her door etiquette. I have noticed he is much better about sitting and waiting at the gate from back to front.

I forgot if he gets too naughty about returning to kitchen and I get annoyed he is told in a tone get in your corner. He has a comforter he has turned into his crate area. Once in that spot he settles in as if he is crated. He also heads there if he thinks he is in trouble or if I lose my temper with anything that does not even remotely involve him. I do not like the ah ah and it does not get his attention. I use a hey!! If I REALLY want him to stop and listen I get his attention I (only) use this for practice with his meals I give the panicked sounding WAIT and he literally freezes in his tracks. I only practice at meals so when I really need really works. Once he freezes I can move on to sit or whatever is needed next (usually start with sit for eye contact usually follows next automatically) as he is frozen and listening. We have also used a scared gasp when he does not listen.

Do they make baby gates big enough for bay windows Greg? Blush
For us, "Hey!" is a stockwork command/correction that means "I already told you what to do and I am NOT repeating myself, so you better go do it right now!!!" Isn't it amazing how you can fit all that meaning into one word with a Border Collie?! My JRT thinks "Hey!" means "Look at me."
Gotta love 'em.
I'm working on this with Ember. Right now I have a baby gate to block off my room for Anya's privacy, but I want to teach Ember to just avoid that room anyway. The only problem is that is where the cat food and cat toys go - two things that draw her. You guys think it's worth attempting to go without the gate, or better to just always have something to step over for the cat's sake?

For the record my animals get along great, so the tension isn't between the animals - just in what Ember really likes.
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At least until Ember is fully grown and obeying well, I would leave the gate, just because it would be a self rewarding temptation.
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Seeing as you are renting our solution won't work unless you want to by your OWN door to switch out when you move. We cut a cat door in doors and used baseboard trim to frame it up all pretty for our designated doors such as the basement and one of our kids rooms in the upper warmer sunnier room. I would honestly consider the door solution if I am going to be there for a while.

Well my son is a teenager and likes his privacy so the door will remain closed whether he is home or not (mine would too if it were on the main floor. Our family was raised that bedrooms were private sanctuaries and no one else's business. The dog stays out unless there is an invitation when open except my room is his den/crate even though said item is no longer present....and the basement well that is a given stays closed for heating and cooling purposes.

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