Stockwork Lessons
I have no proof, because I can't take pictures and handle everything else at this point, in fact, I can barely get the proper command out at the right time, but Micah is doing great in his lessons. We are learning how to move sheep from pen to pen, which, if you don't want a stampede, is more difficult than it sounds. He has already learned how to go around behind the sheep and bring them to me. We still have a LOT more to learn, but he is coming along really nicely, especially since today was only our seventh lesson. I don't know if Micah will ever be a trial dog, but I sure am learning a great amount of new things.
Gotta love 'em.
/yahoo Woo Hoo. A huge CONGRATS to you. /yahoo

One Border Collie Is Never Enough

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sounds like great fun for both you and Micah Smile
can deffo understand how hard it is for the handler to know the commands and say them quick enough
are you using voice or a whistle?
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/yahoo Whohoo!! Way to go Micah!! /yahoo (and Patty)..... Thumbsup

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