A puppy miller in NY shut down...for now.
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Gotta love 'em.
I'm glad they got shutdown, hopefully it stays that way. Sadly most situations like these are hard to enforce.

I'm just speechless about how some people treat dogs and think it's ok.
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Unfortunately the puppy mills don't get shut down often because the laws need to be more specific. As in the example of the New York law that was read in that video.

Dogs always pay the price for the human's greed and stupidity. Until someone is willing to step up and change the laws across the US and make them standardized nothing will change.

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Puppy millers know how to play the law and exactly how much they have to do to get by. It's a disgrace and as Linda said, dogs alway pay the price.
Gotta love 'em.
Oh that is so sickening, how can people be so cruel, its like they are missing a chromosome or never developed a conscionce Grrr. Poor babies 3d-sad
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