Wild fires
This has been an incredibly hot summer, we have spent most if it over 35 degrees,  we have not had any rain for months.  This is prairie it is a tinderbox.
Interior British Columbia has so many large out of control fires, I live in south east Alberta just over an hour to the US Border,  Montana is burning, Oregon is burning.   The beautiful Watertown National park has an out of control fire.   Our air quality is so poor.  Both sides of the border have states of emergency.
Late last night I let  the dogs out to potty. My eyes and throat were stinging and I could see the ash in the air.  I scanned for a glow, this was surely a new fire that was closer.  Sure enough a fire is out of control just 40mins north of here.
My greatest fear is a fire is going to start flip direction an and immediate evacuation order is given, this means if I am not home I cannot go home to get my dogs.
It looks like rain is actually forecasted for the end of the week, whether comes and whether it is enough  I don't know. 
Right now raining England looks enticing.

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