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Chance Strikes Again - kristin92 - 02-13-2018

 Took him in this past Friday to get his toenails trimmed. Today he was running back in from outside and I noticed red on the carpet.. yeah his foot was bleeding all over the place. Here his toe nail cracked. (facepalm) He's been laying around all night until now, he's playing rn. I got in touch with the vet's office via their online chat option and they're gonna call me in the morning to see if I need to bring him up to get it removed/looked at or what we need to do.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - Trifan - 02-13-2018

Oh dear, poor boy ! I am absolutely no authority on nail maintenance and a few months ago I joined a FB page called Nail Maintenance for Dogs. Everything on there completely challenged every thought or assumption I had on the subject. Based on discussions I have watched, excellent files on the page and your photo's Chance's nails I don't think they are cut correctly at all. The way they appear to be cut is the same as I have always done except shorter and the same as our vet nurse has done. I have never used a groomer so I don't know how they do it.

I wouldn't even begin to attempt to explain as I couldn't do it justice compared to the firsthand info you can get on this site. It's a completely different cut line and method. I recommend this page, it is very educational.
I am in the process of conditioning my boys to allowing much more detail and time being spent on their nails and look forward to reaching nail maintenance goals.
In the meantime and to easily achieve the bare minimum result similar to Chances nails but shorter, I have made a scratch board for them to file their own nails. There is info on the site but it is basically a piece of wood with a sheet of 120 sand paper taped or stapled to it. You hold the board at the right angle in front of the sitting dog who you then train by reward to scratch at the board. It works so well.

It would be a shame for him to lose the nail, hopefully he can be helped through this until the nail grows out more and adopting different methods of nail maintenance might help considerably in preventing reoccurrence. With all due respect to the person who is doing Chance's nails, I really don't think they are anywhere near as short as they could be.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - only-borders - 02-14-2018

It seems the winter does take it's toll on dogs nails. The nails no matter how short get banged up when playing in the winter on frozen ground, snow and ice. 

If it's not the nails that get it, it's the paw or carpal pads. Right now Pax and Obi are wearing carpal wraps and boots every time they go out to play. Getting the boots and wraps on two boy dogs that only have PLAY/Ball on their mind can be a challenge. We have a lot of ice under the snow and every time they run they take the chance of cutting another part of the paw area. 

I hope Chance will have a quick recovery.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - Trifan - 02-14-2018

I am in awe of the magnificent photo's I see on the forum of snow and BC's. Just stunning and looks like so much fun. I do however wonder about the other things that must be contended with. The effects of the snow, ice and/or salt and antifreeze. The coat maintenance every time they are in or out. Oh WOW OB, the risks of cutting pads that you describe sounds really harsh and a lot of extra work for a simple outing for a game. Geez, I complain about the morning dew on the grass in summer and the morning frost in winter. I really need to shut up about that, I think I have got it easy. How long are the periods during which they mostly need to be inside ?
Although my dogs are free to be inside whenever they want, (it's open doors all the time) they spend a lot of time outside whether with me or alone.
I think it must be so much more demanding when dogs need to be inside. I am also often amazed at how well dogs live in apartment complexes and such in the U.S.and at how well they are trained to do so. It is a completely foreign concept for me. In Australia, finding an apartment that allowed "any" animals would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - only-borders - 02-14-2018

Trifan our dogs are out playing year round. They would be outside all day if they could. There are days when the temps are just too cold for them and their paws tend to get cold after a short 15 minute playtime. We have to do what's best for them and make them come in. 
Really I don't like being out in the harsh wind chills so the dogs paws getting cold is my excuse. lol

When we get home we are usually out for minimum 45 minutes playing and walking around the yard. Then back out for another 30 minutes after dinner. On weekends we are out much more and go walking in the fields and woods. 

We all have our issues when it comes to our dogs. Soon it will be "mud season". OMG I would rather have the cold than the mud. You can not wipe a Border Collie enough to get the mud off during the spring thaw. It's still too cold to hose them off and there are not enough towels to e had to wipe them clean. Muddy paw prints go from one end of the house to the other and tail swipes of mud on the walls. 
Morning dew or frost on the grass is all the same. It's what we put up with because what we get back in return is 100 times better than a little mud, dew or frost on the floor and walls.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - Ember - 02-14-2018

Trifan, I wish I could get Ember out more. We are in the middle of a huge work sprint and I am working almost 15 hours a day. It will end when March begins but until then, it's taken it's toll on both of us. Ember is actually showing boredom signs.

That being said, I've taken our training to the next level. So she's getting at least a little mental workout. She handles this living so well. I have promised her I will make it up to her - still trying to decide how.

I was in that nail maintenance group. I ended up leaving it because we are not at a place where Ember is ready (we are working on CC and DS as well as the scratch board too), and seeing daily posts of other dogs who were benefitting kind of made me feel like a failure. I know I'm not, it was just slightly grating on me, so I left and will rejoin when I have the DS and CC down. The concepts were new for me too, and I appreciated the information.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - Trifan - 02-15-2018

Lmao  Ember, I know exactly what you mean and I have set the group at "unfollow". I didn't leave the group because I want to use it as a reference  but I really don't want to look at more and more dogs nails.
Like yourself I am working on CC & DS particularly with Max who is the touchy one. There nails are really quite short but I figure this would still be a good thing to master going into the future when their normal exercise might not keep the nails in quite as good shape.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - kristin92 - 02-16-2018


LH 5th nail fractures mid nail but still partially attached. Soaked fractured segment with lidocaine, then removed broken portion of nail, leaving exposed quick intact. Bandaged with cast padding to minimize discomfort. Remove bandage at home in 3 days. Then use padded sock and IV bag to protect foot when going outside until nail grows back in. If licking or chewing at foot may need E collar. To restrict activity to leashed walks only until nail heals in.

Currently this is Chance's little foot. [attachment=11288] He surprisingly has left it alone and he doesn't even mess with it. He's still his goober-ish self. And he's very patient with us when we try to put the IV bag over his foot before going outside. But of course it has to be downpouring the past 24 hours. ??

RE: Chance Strikes Again - only-borders - 02-16-2018

Aww, poor guy. Hope he heals quickly.

RE: Chance Strikes Again - Trifan - 02-16-2018

Ouch, it makes me shiver thinking of that exposed quick, iy must be so sensitive. I am glad the nail will grow back. What a good boy he is being about it all. Agh, bugger about the rain, Murphey's Law hey, just to make things a little harder. Hope he has a speedy recovery.