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Hi (again)! - Xetae - 02-07-2018

I introduced myself before I got my collie and haven't posted anything since then, but now it's time to introduce my long awaited pup - Sky. This is a photo of her at 8 weeks old. She is now 9 months, so looks... quite different  Big Grin  but I don't have any recent photos on this laptop - will add some later.  

[Image: 27072797_435602600190135_507885721631898...e=5B13CE74]

RE: Hi (again)! - Trifan - 02-07-2018

Hello lovely Sky ! Aww, just look at that face, so gorgeous. I look forward to seeing recent photo's and hope that the BC experience has been all you hoped it would be, particularly after a long wait.

RE: Hi (again)! - only-borders - 02-07-2018

Action-smiley-030 What a sweet face she has. I also can't wait for an updated pic.

RE: Hi (again)! - Ember - 02-07-2018

So expressive so early! Precious! And welcome back!

RE: Hi (again)! - Gideon's mom - 02-07-2018

Awww!! What a cutie! I look forward to seeing recent pictures.

RE: Hi (again)! - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 02-07-2018

So cute! Can't wait for more photos.