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Turner checking in - paperdragons - 02-04-2018

It has been quite a while since we posted, so I thought we would just do an update. Turner is 2 now (turning 3 sometime in the spring) and is doing well. Last fall, we were finally able to move into new offices walking distance from our home in Cambrige MA, so Turner comes to work with us every day. After some work, he will now stay in his area and look to me for permission before going to the door to greet someone who walks in. Once our clients/colleague/visitors are in, though, he's fantastic. Most of the time he settles on a couch at the side of the office. But I've notices that he settles himself at the feet of anyone who seems tense or nervous. My clients have taken to absently petting him while we talk.

And of course, we are still getting plenty of outdoors time. Here in the Boston area, the hiking conditions can be a little unpleasant at this time of year. Our rule is that he gets an off-leash hike (about 2.5 miles) every day, with a day off for which ever day of the week has the most miserable weather or given the flu going around earlier this year, the most miserable owner.

After an hour in icy conditions, even Turner agrees the couch looks pretty good!

RE: Turner checking in - Bronwen - 02-04-2018

What a stunning looking dog! Wish that mine could come to work with me (& were well behaved enough to take if it was allowed LOL). Sounds like you have a fab routine that's working well Smile

RE: Turner checking in - only-borders - 02-04-2018

Thanks for the update. He has grown into a very handsome fellow. Your days together sound perfect.

RE: Turner checking in - Trifan - 02-04-2018

He's gorgeous and has such a good life. Well done achieving this wonderful inclusion into your working life. I am lucky to spend all my time with Max and Jasper also and I love it. Sounds like he has a job within the team to help relax and calm clients, what a good boy.

RE: Turner checking in - Ember - 02-05-2018

He looks awesome! Good job with him!

RE: Turner checking in - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 02-05-2018

He is adorable! That is great that you get to take him to work and it sounds like he is a great helper.