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Birthday - Keller-b-border - 02-03-2018

5 years

RE: Birthday - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 02-03-2018

Happy Birthday! Looks cold! It was 75 and sunny today. I'm spoiled! That photo with the birthday hat is too cute!

RE: Birthday - only-borders - 02-04-2018

Happy 5th Birthday Keller.  Smileys-birthday-383240

RE: Birthday - Bronwen - 02-04-2018

Happy Birthday Keller!

RE: Birthday - MayaRiver - 02-04-2018

Happy Birthday Keller!

RE: Birthday - Gideon's mom - 02-05-2018

Happy birthday, Keller!

RE: Birthday - Keller-b-border - 02-13-2018


Yet another reason to love winter!!! Why didn’t I think of this five years ago. City leash laws probably don’t apply on water. Walking lake Winnebago. Think I will hike from one park to another see how far it adds up to. No leash! No sidewalk salt! Gotta love my location. It has really blessed my kids and dog.

RE: Birthday - only-borders - 02-14-2018

Good idea.

RE: Birthday - Gideon's mom - 02-14-2018

Being in FL, I never would have thought of that.

RE: Birthday - Sunny - 02-14-2018

Gotta beware those fast-moving snowmobilers, though ... and look out for ice fishing holes, you do NOT want to fall in!

(I have never lived in Wisconsin, but my master was born and raised there, doncha know)