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Truffle oil for dogs? - Solly - 12-01-2017

Hey guys! I just wanted to know if some of you have tried using truffle oil for your pups/dogs. Ive heard that cbd for dogs is a new thing now but i dont really know about the truffle oil? I was reading some article about what this truffle is here in but im just not convince enough. I wanted to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks Smile

RE: Truffle oil for dogs? - Trifan - 12-01-2017

I don't really know a lot about truffles and any medicinal value. The article seems to refer mostly to truffles and human consumption which is a totally different story to canine consumption.
I do know that truffles are a mushroom and that mushrooms are toxic to dogs, so no it is not something I would be inclined to use with my dogs unless a vet advised me to do so because it had been tried and tested on dogs and was proven to be some kind of miracle cure.

RE: Truffle oil for dogs? - Gideon's mom - 12-02-2017

The mushrooms that are toxic to dogs are the same ones that are toxic to humans.